One Last Kiss of Summer

So, I’ve been gone for awhile…

After my last post, which was over 3 months ago, my creative energy just sort of tanked. And I thought, okay fine, I’ll give myself a couple weeks off–that was only a few days before an entire global movement for civil rights happened, on top of the current pandemic, so between unlearning basically everything I was ever taught in American history class, figuring out what part I can play in making our world a better place, and salvaging my own mental health (which was very tenuous until recently), returning to my blog has been the last thing on my mind.

That being said, I wanted to come back. I’m a writer, and I’ve gone too long without writing.

And the topic I chose for today has actually been in the back of my mind since I first started this blog:

20s Swimwear.

Though in my heart, it is already Autumn (because we deserve to stretch out Autumn this year as much as possible), the reality is that it’s still Summer in terms of hot weather. So discussing bathing suits won’t be remiss.

If you’ve read my stuff in the past, you have an idea of how I was envisioning the year 2020. I wanted a full-blown modern revival of 1920s fashion. I wanted the boldness, the feminism, the fun. And well, I don’t need to tell you how much this year did not go according to plan. It’s like we skipped the champagne and went directly to the Spanish Flu and the Great Depression.

But what are we supposed to do? Give up? No no, we can do this. We’ve gotten this far.

All in favor of reviving the swimsuit cape?

I like a bikini as much as anyone, but I myself have gotten a little bored of them. There’s something utterly charming to me about going in a more retro direction. And though a sporty one-piece is considered pretty modest nowadays, styles like the photo above were scandalously sultry a hundred years ago.

Even more so if you dared to wear one with cut-outs.

It’s easy for us to look back at old photos or watch The Great Gatsby and take for granted how bold they were being for their time. Remember, they were making a break from the overly restrictive Victorian and Edwardian ages. And it took some nerve. Do you think society in general somehow didn’t give them a hard time? Women are given a hard time about their “propriety” to this day.

But the youth of the 1920s was vivacious and high-spirited, and they made some very modern strides.

It’s not that different from what we still like in 2020.

And it took time as well as nerve. Change is always gradual. It took different women different levels of daring, over the course of several different years, to get us where we are now. (Which I hope you find as inspiring as I do. You don’t have to take this whole messy world onto your shoulders. You just have to do your own small part).

“Time to revive a custom” is right. I’m 100% in favor of bathing suit pizza parties. That sounds like just what we all need. We’ll have to shoot for Summer 2021, of course–we’re still fully in the middle of a plague right now. But hey, it can give us something to look forward to.

Think it will still annoy men? The possibility isn’t farfetched…

All the more reason to do it.

I think the lesson to be learned here is that when we stick together, we can accomplish whatever we want. And if there was ever a time to have our friends’ backs, it’s definitely 2020.

This is also a great year to practice gratitude for the things we have, and I’d like to take this opportunity to be thankful for those brazen individuals back in the day. Where would we be without them?

Imagine getting into a swimming pool with this nonsense.

It’s always been a fight. Every single stride for women’s autonomy has been hard won. And we ought to think of our predecessors when we feel insecure about wearing a bathing suit, no matter what style we choose. The point is, we have a choice. They paved the way, no doubt. They’re the reason you can wear a string bikini without getting arrested.

So wear it with pride.

And more importantly, have a good time.


If you’re like me, then swimming opportunities have been somewhat limited this year. It’s not like I’m going to any pool parties; that would be irresponsible. But whether you can go swimming this summer or not, I hope that you’ll still approach your own autonomy with confidence and joie de vivre. If there’s anything 2020 has taught me, it’s that life is too short, and it’s especially too short to worry about what other people think of your style.

As a side note, I’d like to apologize if this post doesn’t look correctly formatted, or if it seems rushed. During the time that I was gone, the site that I use for this blog was completely revamped, and I had to relearn how to use it, which was incredibly distracting (and annoying). I’ll also admit, though my mental health is very much on the mend, it’s not at full capacity yet, so if I end up posting less often, please understand. I may need to post every other week for awhile.

Until next time, stay safe, keep your chin up, and don’t lose that dazzling inner spark. I love you guys.

Have a beautiful week.

(Please take a few extra seconds to click this link. It will take you to a reference page where you can find several different resources for helping the Black Lives Matter movement.)

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