A Spark of Inspiration

Pink and Black


I don’t know about you guys, but I really feel like I was on fire the last three weeks. My posts covered topics that meant a lot to me, and I hope you were able to take something meaningful away from them. I wish that I could put out content like that every single week, but the truth is that I barely generate ideas fast enough to keep up with my one-post-a-week schedule.

(If it wasn’t for this pandemic, I would probably be writing about the Met Gala right now. Just picture a single, dramatic tear rolling down my cheek).

So, while I continue to brainstorm, please enjoy this appreciation post for two very different, but very compatible colors.


Pink and black together make such a splendid contrast. I did a post (quite some time ago now) about the contrast of black and white, that eternal classic, and this is similar, but there’s definitely a different flavor going on.

Since our society at this current moment in history views pink as a naturally feminine color, I see its combination with black as a blending of feminine and masculine.

And it goes without saying that you can look stunning in this blend no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum.


It strikes a balance that, aesthetically speaking, looks like candy to me. My eyes tell my brain that pink and black together would be delicious. Like blackberries and cotton candy.

In fact…


That delicious look was exactly what I was going for when I made my own cake for my 25th birthday. (It was easily one of the most beautiful baked goods I’ve ever created). The theme of my party was Quarter Life Crisis, and that was the centerpiece.


You can wear pink with an accent of black, black with an accent of pink, an even 50/50–literally all combos work in this case.

Take the picture above, for example; wearing an all-black outfit, and then a brightly colored statement coat, that’s a fail-proof choice. And I haven’t seen it done with a pink coat much at all (I don’t see many pink coats in general), so there’s an idea that’s still fresh and hasn’t been overdone, if you’re looking for a chic new thing to try.

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

If you saw my post on the Oscars a few months ago, you may remember this little Givenchy number that Gal Gadot wore. Any really great red carpet gown needs to have an element of the unusual; it needs to make you take a second glance. And there’s just something vaguely weird about this one–I think it’s because my eyes want the pink to be on top, black on the bottom. But it’s all lace, and that’s what got me. Pink and black, all in lace, it’s an aesthetic wonderland.


One of my favorite pink and black variants is the full goth look with pink hair. If dying my hair wasn’t so much trouble, I’m sure I would have done this myself at some point. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you know I have a thing for pink hair.


Dior actually went in that direction in 2018, and it remains one of my favorite runway shows to this day.


Maisie Williams is one of my beloved fashion icons, and she walks around looking like a punk princess basically 24/7. I love this photo of her; she’s got the tiara and everything.


Ugh, she’s stunning.

Art by Emily Balivet

Think of Persephone, the Greek goddess of Spring…and Queen of the Underworld. That’s just the sort of contrast I’m talking about. Florals and pinks and gentle pastels on top of bone and iron and darkness. It’s a vibe that I personally relate to very strongly.

You can like black leather jackets and delicate spring blossoms at the same time, and better yet, you can wear them simultaneously–I think that’s more or less the thesis statement of this post.


This brings BABYMETAL to my mind. They are a Japanese kawaii metal band, and in case you didn’t know, “kawaii” means cute. They rock very hard, and as you can see, they’re very metal, but they are also adorable. My favorite performance ever is their song “Gimme Chocolate,” which you can watch if you click the link. I highly recommend; it will change your life.


Black and white is, in its essence, yin and yang, light and dark. But pink and black is soft and dark. (Much like “edgy florals,” another Spark of Inspiration post from long ago). It’s tender and metal all at once.

If you’ve been with me long, you know I do these Spark of Inspiration posts every so often, and they’re all pretty random. I’ll just see something, some element of style, and then I write about it in the hopes that more people will adopt that element–so that I can see more of it.

And I’d always be happy to see more pink and black.

Here’s a picture from back when I could leave the house.

As I write this, I’m on Day 55 of my personal quarantine. I’m doing alright, and I hope all of you are safe and well, also. And for what it’s worth, I hope my blog is a pleasant little diversion while you’re waiting things out.

Have a beautiful week.

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