After the Party


Quarantine or not, it’s still the 20s–calling it the Screaming 20s seems more appropriate now then ever, doesn’t it?–and since so many of us are already in our jammies at home, I figured there was no better time…

Let’s talk about nightwear.


This is definitely the vibe I’d personally like to achieve. A coordinated silk and lace ensemble, coffee cup in hand.


You can still buy sets like this, though I’ve usually found them to be sort of pricey. I may decide to treat myself someday, but I hesitate at the moment. The truth is, I have so many pajamas already (aka cute old t-shirts) that it always feels impractical to buy new ones.

1920slingeriestepinAnd maybe I’m just fussy, but does it bother anyone else how easily wrinkled silk gets? Hardly anything is more gorgeous to me than these old pinup photos, but the prettier the lingerie, the more delicate and high-maintenance it seems to be. To me, that makes it a little less fun.

Then again, stuff like that is mostly meant to be taken off.


The good news is that you can still be cute and matchy-matchy. Just make a point to go in a more cotton/polyester direction when you do your shopping.

I chose to lump together pajamas and lingerie in this post because, in the end, there really is very little difference. And besides, anything can be lingerie if you’re in the right mood.

You can see in these illustrations that the same silhouettes were being used for pajamas as for day wear. Essentially a straight line down, with no emphasis on the waist.

I don’t know about you, but I think every one of those drawings looks, not only chic, but exceedingly comfortable (which should always be the bottom line when it comes to sleepwear).

The kimono is my favorite element in the 20s nightwear aesthetic, hands down. This is something I absolutely intend to give myself one day. Something that ties at the waist, and I want it to be at least knee-length. Like a robe, but extra.


Aren’t these pictures just divine?

Honestly, you could consider these 20s posts I do to be more like a mood board than anything else. Which one of these photos will inspire you? What will stick in your mind and influence your next purchase, or your next closet reorganization? The Screaming 20s will be different for everybody, but I like the idea that my blog could be an inspirational resource that we share in common.


Here’s my ultimate goal. What could be more stylish, more luxurious than this? A fully coordinating three-piece set. Soft pink with black lace trim. Entirely glamorous, yet designed simply for lounging. I can easily picture myself wearing this exact combo as I make breakfast, maybe do a little laundry, and play video games for an entire afternoon. It’s so me.


I like to keep things honest with you, my readers, and so I’ll tell you, if this post has seemed disjointed or maybe like it doesn’t have a real thesis, I agree. That’s how I see it anyway, reading it over now. The truth is, my desire to write is flickering in and out at the moment. Don’t misunderstand; I will continue putting something out every week. I refuse to stop. I just hope you’ll forgive the occasional slip in my focus. We’re living in strange times, and it affects us all in one way or another.

That being said, I have been inspired by the 20s aesthetic, not just this year, but for about six years. It’s a subject that has been brewing in the back of my mind all this time, and I waited. I waited until 2020 arrived. So that I could strike when the iron was hot.

2020 threw us a curveball that no one was expecting (though it certainly proves that history does repeat itself). When I said I wanted us to embrace the 20s vibe, I meant pearls and feminism, not plague and economic collapse. But here we are, and seeing as we are currently sitting in quarantine, here’s my thesis:

Pajamas, but make it fashion.


We could all be lying around the house like this for a few weeks. Who’s going to stop us?

Have a beautiful week.

One thought on “After the Party

  1. Your blog tells it like it is! I find the genuine view of current times interesting and comforting because you’re writing what most of us are feeling but didn’t know how to put into words. Great writers have always captured the harsh truth of a difficult situation and given the reader an escape path to hope. We need creative types like you to share their talents with the world now more than ever! We will get through this, one day at a time. Just like carbon under pressure becomes a diamond. God bless you and yours!


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