A Spark of Inspiration

Cherry Blossom Pink


As we embrace the first glowing days of Spring, I figured this would be the perfect time to pause and appreciate these beautiful flowers.

I actually had the idea for this last summer, but I’ve been saving it for springtime, when it’s sure to be the most inspiring. At first, I imagined I would focus on Japan and Japanese style, because I associate these blooms with that country. However, it occurred to me that you can find cherry blossoms in many other places, and so I decided to take a different approach.

If I had the nerve (which I do not), I would love to do something like this.

There is something incredibly artful to me about these flowers. Everything comes alive in the Spring; everything buds and blooms, and the world becomes a canvas. The lovely soft pink of cherry blossoms is the most delicate stroke of the paintbrush, a color that is so bright, yet so gentle–you can almost smell the floral perfume just by looking at it.

This picture makes me wish that I liked tea.

When I was a kid, I went through that phase where I didn’t want people to think I was “girly.” I avoided anything too frilly, and I avoided pink most of all. I think I just didn’t want to come off as “soft.” And tons of little girls go through that phase (the “I’m not like other girls” phase), so I’m sure plenty of people can relate to this.

(We figured out as adults, of course, that we were doing that because society used the word girly as a way of saying weak or shallow, and we didn’t want to identify with that. That’s on society, not us).

But as an adult, pink is one of my favorite colors. Cherry blossom pink perhaps most of all.

a7c3c99dac85b521095e6e70e3b67000Being soft and feminine is just as much a part of who I am as anything else. And there’s nothing weak about it. Flowers and pastels and frilly things, they aren’t lesser than; they aren’t meant to be looked down upon.


If you’ve been reading my stuff for quite awhile, you know I will do these Spark of Inspiration posts once in a blue moon–just whenever I notice some kind of detail that I want to explore (and see more of in fashion). Cherry blossoms, the flower, the color, pretty much every aspect of them is what we would call traditionally feminine–and that’s probably why I think they’re so lovely to begin with. But there are still too many people out there who avoid things like that, for exactly the same reason I did as a child.

Listen, no matter who you are, if you’re reading this right now, I am giving you permission to explore your “girly” side. Having gentle feelings, enjoying cute things, doing or saying or liking feminine stuff, there is 100% nothing negative about that. And, seriously, if your eyes enjoy the sight of the color pink, you should be able to wear it without feeling weird.

It’s time to think pink. Lovely, floral, springtime pink.


I’m totally on board with just straight up wearing cherry blossoms. They make for a very attractive print.

But I, myself, lean more towards wearing the solid color.


Or you could go in the “pop of color” direction and wear pink accessories, like hats, shoes, socks. Hey, even underwear! Why not?


Bonus: Pink makeup looks cute on all skin tones, so that could be a fun place to start.

This is what being in touch with your feminine side looks like.

In case there was any question, I am speaking to my male readers just as much as my female ones right now. Perhaps even more so. Don’t forget, if Jason Momoa can wear a pink velvet suit (and be smoking hot), you’ve got nothing to be afraid of.


I often say, “I need more pink in my life,” and it’s true. I actually don’t own many pieces in this color, and it’s a shame. The only thing is, not every pink works on me, even if it’s divine on the hanger–the reason being that I have a very fair complexion, and with pink undertones, so sometimes a pink shirt will look great on me, and other times, it will make me look completely washed out.

C’est la vie.

It doesn’t make me want to wear it any less.

“What beautiful blossoms we have this year.”

All I’m trying to say is that now’s the time.

It’s Spring. It’s Rebirth. Everything is blooming. We should bloom, too! Whether you wear pink all the time or have never worn it in your life, seize the moment! The flowers are out in all their full-blown radiance. It’s nothing new to want to copy them. Humans have been admiring and wearing flowers for all time. Men have been comparing women to flowers for thousands of years (all well and good, but men can be flowers, too).

This is an especially pleasant time to be alive. The sunshine is out, it’s warm without being hot, and Nature is wearing her finery again. Today could be your day to stop and smell the roses.

And to wear cherry blossom pink.


Just to let you guys know, I will be gone on vacation all this week, so there will not be another post next Monday. I’ll catch you up on everything the following week. I hope you’re all enjoying this Spring weather, and as always, I wish you the best.

Until next time…

Have a beautiful week.

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