My First Fashion Show


I had the tremendous privilege of attending a fashion show last week, and right off the bat, I’d like to thank everyone involved, not only for their effort and talent, but also for letting me cover the event as a writer.

It was kind of a dream come true.

Toad Suck Creative is a brand new initiative, born right here in my hometown. It is meant to be a sort of conduit for local artists, giving them a chance to showcase their work, as well as helping the community build a much-needed nightlife. Project Conway was their first event.


And when I saw the theme, I knew it was my destiny to be there.

If you’ve been reading my work for awhile, you know that I am all about the idea of modernizing the Roaring 20s, bringing fashion into what I have called the Screaming 20s. Remember, around the beginning of the year, I reasoned that we should go with the word screaming because it perfectly captures the sense of urgency–panic even–that tends to underscore today’s up-and-coming generations.

(I’m just hoping that if I say Screaming 20s enough, it’ll catch on).

I am so excited to tell you everything that happened!

This opportunity was the closest I ever expect to get to New York Fashion Week, so that is how I treated it. I built an entire outfit around that tiny vintage purse, choosing a solid navy blue blouse as sort of a background for all of its busy embroidery and beading. And I decided that wearing two cameo necklaces made it a Whole Look™.

I spent hours experimenting and fine-tuning every little detail, including delicate navy blue earrings that you probably won’t be able to see in any of these pictures. Those shoes, now they were the choice that really elevated the outfit to a higher sphere, I think. It’s been years since I’ve worn a heel that extreme (and it’s a wonder I could walk), but it was worth it to look a little more haute couture.

I mixed three or four eyeshadows to get the color I wanted–dark blue, but not too blue. And I mixed two different lipsticks. Overall, I’d say my makeup was my biggest Flapper element. Bold, dark eyes and bright lips. I could have done a heavier blush, but I’m always afraid of overdoing that.

The final look, for all my work and attention to detail, was still pretty tame for a fashion event, but that’s just who I am, ultimately. I’m basically incapable of looking “loud.” But I certainly looked like myself, and that’s really the whole point anyway.

(Apologies for not having a better photo of the full look, but I was rushing around and the lighting in my house is truly the worst).


So there I found myself, in the front row of a small and very special runway show.

There were two local designers displaying their clothes: Mac and Van. Both of them are in their early 20s–Mac just finishing up college and Van fresh out of college–and they both made each of their outfits by hand. Fashion design is a seriously challenging art form, and it was incredibly exciting to see the results of their ambition and hard work.

The first lineup was by Mac.

These are just pictures I was snapping along the way. Definitely not professional quality. But you deserve to get a glimpse of it all.

You absolutely needed to see the back of this jacket.

I’m always a little on the fence about denim, but Mac utilized it very well.


This red power-suit look was probably my favorite.

Five outfits in total. All of them unique, interesting, and vibrant with the designer’s personal authenticity.


Six outfits if you count what she designed for herself.

(If she has sparked your interest, you can follow Mac on Instagram: @oh.thats.mac).

Next was Van’s lineup.

The shorts that the young man was wearing looked like shearling-type material, which I had never seen before on shorts. Highly interesting.

The wild sleeves on the young woman reminded my sister and me of Harley Quinn in the new Birds of Prey movie.

I’ve fallen in love with fishnet tights lately (right), and I’m really happy they’ve become a trend.

We got to see this one with and without the jacket, and I’m definitely a fan of the sheer sleeves.

The outfit on the left was my personal favorite of the group. Very sleek. The chain was the perfect touch.

My sister and I couldn’t completely decide if we liked the multi-colored camo pants on the right, purely for the reason that they’re so loud (which means not our style). However, when I showed these pictures to my husband, that was his favorite outfit, because of the loud pants. It just goes to show you that everyone has different tastes–and that’s what keeps things interesting.

Seven outfits altogether, and with a completely different vibe from the first lineup. But perfectly equal in excellence.


He included the medical masks with his outfits to help create awareness about coronavirus–more specifically, awareness about properly educating yourself about coronavirus.

(If Van’s fashion sense inspires you, you can follow him on Instagram: @iamboyperfect).

After the runway show, the designers spent a few minutes in a Q&A. This was my chance to get some specific information for my blog, and luckily I had a question prepared.

I asked, “What does 1920s fashion mean to you, and what is your vision for bringing that forward into the 2020s?”

They each gave their answers, which I took some shorthand notes on at the time, but be aware that I will be paraphrasing what they said, not directly quoting them.

Van: When you think of the 1920s, you think of the dancing, the partying, the writing, all of that culture. When you think of that now, you think of going to festivals, to raves. I wanted my models to look like they just came from a rave.

Mac: The 1920s, that style, isn’t really my style, but I feel very comfortable in the 2020s. I love repurposing clothes, and that’s a big trend right now. For me, it’s about originality, authenticity; two of my grandmothers were seamstresses, and that was very inspiring. I love making something from nothing. That denim outfit that Taylor (model) wore, I made that from four pairs of jeans.

Photo from @tay.larae on Instagram

She went on the say that being open-minded, being around people and working with people who aren’t like you, that’s what makes events like this possible. And she’s absolutely right.

I was very impressed with the skill and the professionalism of these two young artists, and I am totally convinced that they have what it takes to make it in the fashion industry.


Special thanks to Fernando (@stepdaddynando), the gentleman in the white jacket, for being the evening’s master of ceremonies. And to Robert (@robtadodactylsaurus_rex), in the blue jacket, for founding Toad Suck Creative and bringing this all together–and for inviting me to write about it.

This experience, for me, felt like I was leveling up. I’ve been a fashion blogger for a little over a year now, but it was always just for me, writing for my own personal satisfaction. This was my first event, my first step into the tangible world of the fashion community. It could potentially lead to other fashion shows, more opportunities to write, maybe even more readers!

Whatever happens, the best part is that I got to have this experience. It was the most fun I’ve had in quite awhile, and it brought all of my passion burning to the surface again–I enjoyed writing this almost as much as I enjoyed the show itself.

Congratulations to Mac and Van, and to Toad Suck Creative. May there be many more events in the future. And count me in for every single one!


Have a beautiful week.


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