10 Items That are Hot RIGHT NOW

Looking back, I realize that I neglected to do one of these seasonal trend posts for Autumn, which is a shame. But, here we are now, and there are plenty of popular Winter items to explore. This happens to be one of the most fashionable winters we’ve ever seen, if you want my opinion, and let me tell you why…


It’s the most neutral color in existence, and it has taken the world of fashion by storm. Over the course of several months, I’ve watched beige go from a cute novelty to an overwhelming mainstay.

All neutrals have gained massive popularity the last couple seasons. Mixing beige with white is a very common palette for outfits now. It’s an aesthetic that I never would have expected. I used to associate neutrals (especially beige) with blandness and boredom. A few years ago, I don’t think I would have liked the trend of being neutral from head to toe.

But I get it now. Neutral is classic. It’s neat and clean. It looks good on anyone at any time. And there is actually a boutique near where I live that completely revolves around that ideal.

This photo is from their instagram page, @beige_lr

The store is literally called Beige if you’re interested.

Short Chain Necklaces

Here’s model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sporting a couple of good examples. Whether you prefer gold or silver, this style of necklace might be a worthwhile investment. They look nice with the low necklines she’s wearing, but a lot of people are wearing them with cozy sweaters. It’s pretty sexy, either way.


I spent a little of my Christmas gift card money the other day and got myself this one. Like I said, pretty sexy.

Southwestern Themes

This kind of pattern is popular on sweaters, but especially popular on jackets. And bonus points if it’s vintage. You basically want to look like you found this item in your grandmother’s closet. In Arizona.

The 70s are still with us in a lot of ways, and this is one of them.

Simple Gold Jewelry

I got these photos from @wish_with_itar on Instagram. It’s a lovely aesthetic page.

Gold and silver will always be the mainstays, but gold is pulling ahead this season. And it’s because it happens to go so well with beige. Simple classics are pretty much all that matter right now.

A gold ring or a little pair of gold hoops–you’re going to look chic in this stuff, whether you’re 16 or 96. It’s sophisticated. It’s timeless. You couldn’t get it wrong if you tried.

Wide Stripes

Sometimes these come in neutral, sometimes not, but the stripes are usually an odd assortment of colors. Occasionally, they don’t even seem to complement each other (and yet somehow it still works).

I’m not entirely sure how this trend emerged. Stripes have always been chic, but wide stripes seem fairly new. Is it a modernized version of something from the 70s? A different decade? I couldn’t say. But I will always approve of stripes.

Pendant Necklaces

The photo to the left I got from @fashioninflux on Instagram.

Round, rectangular, or what have you, a simple pendant is all a necklace needs these days. They can be any length, but they’re usually medium, and an especially trendy way to wear it is one or two of these delicate necklaces paired with a big sweater.

Things are fairly minimalist all around this winter, and it’s been very enjoyable.

Showing Some Ankle

Even now in the heart of Winter, the ankles are still out. The big thing of the moment is skinny jeans, either cut off or rolled up. Just this minute, looking around as I’m sitting in the coffee shop, I’ve already spotted four or five people wearing their pants this way. Even those who aren’t wearing skinny jeans have rolled up whatever they’ve got on.

Don’t ask me why this has become such a popular trend, but it’s been developing since last summer, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it last well through the summer to come.

Animal Print Accents

With maybe a couple of exceptions, I have never been a fan of animal print. Especially leopard–I always found it gaudy. But the first time I saw someone wear a fully neutral outfit with a pair of leopard print slippers (and this was last year), I considered changing my mind.

That was the start of what was to become an enormously fashionable trend. If you’re entire look is centered around a beige palette, a bold pair of shoes is a great way to give it a little something extra.

There’s a perfect movie quote for this, too…


That one’s for you, fellow Birdcage fans!

Fluffy Socks

Remember the little ankle socks that were meant to be completely invisible? I don’t think anyone’s wearing those anymore. Nowadays, people want their socks visible. This applies to all socks, even plain old white gym socks (which I never would have expected, but hey, trends surprise me all the time).

The really chic way to do it, though, is with fluffy winter socks. With your short boots, with your sneakers, whatever. It’s a good chance to experiment–and a good way to stay warm (if you happen to find it too cold for bare ankles). I, myself, need to try this out. I have a pair of short boots, and plenty of fluffy socks that I never wear.

Cold weather is fleeting, so don’t delay.

Intense Patterns

This is a pretty wild trend to develop right alongside the popularity of beige. But I do actually know how it happened…


Shopping vintage is huge right now, and that will always be a wildcard, because there’s never any way to tell what you’re going to get. At a vintage shop, every single item is one of a kind (and almost never simple and modern). It’s a little like a treasure hunt. And people find some pretty crazy stuff.

I’m really pleased that this happens to be so popular with my generation. Wearing old/used clothing is the fashion equivalent of recycling. It’s better for the environment, and it’s more sustainably sourced. We millennials try to be conscious of those things, and I’m pretty proud of us.

And since both ends of the spectrum are chic and trendy right now (full neutral and absolutely insane), this is a great moment in time to wear 100% whatever you want. Feel like shaking things up with your personal style? Trying something totally different? Do it. Do it today.

Experimentation is a big part of growth. Trying new things, seeing what you like and what you don’t, that’s how you become who you are. Finding a style that makes you feel confident is what fashion is (or should be) all about. That’s what I believe, and that’s why I write this blog.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Just go for it.


Have a beautiful week.


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