In-Between Season

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It’s spooky month!

October is loads of fun for a lot of different reasons, but I think my favorite of all is the autumn weather. When I was still in school, I longed for summer every year–because of summer vacation. But now that my schoolgirl days are over, I’ve come to realize that I actually like summer the least of all the seasons.

Because I detest the heat.

As I write this, I am experiencing (and loving) the first temperate day of the season. It’s about a month late, after a record-breaking heatwave–and that stresses me out like nothing else–but it’s here, and finally I can breathe.

To give you a basic illustration of what I’m talking about, I remember an October morning when I was in middle school, and it actually started snowing. Yesterday–which, for me right now, was October 6th–it was almost 90 degrees. (If you can support the fight against climate change in any way, take a page out of Greta Thunberg‘s book, do your research, and give it all you’ve got!)

This child is my biggest hope and inspiration right now. Follow her.

Moving on, the transition between summer and fall inevitably means there is an in-between season. The days that require a jacket in the morning, but short sleeves in the afternoon. It is somehow hot and cold simultaneously, which can make choosing outfits a little more complicated.


Instead of diving in headfirst with sweaters and all that other cozy stuff (that I know we are collectively longing for), think first in terms of adding just one layer at a time. We have to go about this gradually; otherwise, we’ll still have to deal with overheating. This is the perfect time to break out the cardigans. You can still wear shorts and camisoles to your heart’s content. Throwing on that extra layer is just the thing for embracing the cooler weather, and if the sun gets a little too warm for you later in the day, you can slip it right off.


A similar and continuously popular trend is the open flannel button-down. I often start seeing flannel as soon as mid-September hits, regardless of the lingering summer heat. It’s the pattern that is intrinsically meant for Autumn. It’s one of the fundamental representations of the season, like pumpkins (or pumpkin spice lattes).

It doesn’t have to be flannel, though. Any long-sleeved button-down will do the job. This boyfriend-shirt style will always be a major autumn staple.

I’m very happy to say that the time for wearing boots is returning. They are more or less all I ever wear when the weather gets cold, and I love them.

But remember, it’s in-between season, so save those tall, sexy thigh-highs for another day. Ease back into fall/winter footwear with the more understated (but no less gorgeous) ankle boots. Pictured above are two examples that I personally love to wear.

If you want to give your summery dresses one more go before it gets too cold, now is definitely the time. Consider pairing them with a jacket. Black leather or denim are both neutral, and they can go with just about any color or style.

Sandals are still absolutely acceptable, but bonus points if you also wear your boots with this ensemble.

If you lean more towards casual and carefree, nothing could be more perfect for you than the three-quarter length t-shirt. Not long-sleeved, but not short-sleeved either, this kind of top is all you really need for in-between season. This time of year is certainly when they are the most practical.

Throw one of these on with a pair of jeans (or shorts), and boom, your outfit is complete.

April_Celeb_Short_Hair_Jlaw_01Thinking about growing out your hair? Start now. It’s in-between season, so don’t worry about that in-between length. Everywhere I’ve been for the last week, I’ve seen people wearing shorts/tank-tops in the same room as people wearing fluffy sweaters. It’s hot and cold at the same time.

In-between season is chaos.

So no need to be afraid of that awkward phase with your hair. Nobody could possibly blame you for wearing it short over the summer. The heat was maddening. I’m really glad I cut my hair when I did. But I do want it to be long again. So right now, it is very medium.


If you’re the kind of person who likes to change your purse to suit the seasons, now is the perfect time to contemplate making the switch. I started carrying the black purse pictured above just a couple days ago. It’s drastically different from my last one, and I’m still getting used to it, but I’m enjoying it immensely.

Black, or any other dark color, is just better suited to fall/winter. And better still, black goes with literally anything, so I’ll look fashionable no matter how I choose to style myself in the coming months.

It feels good to make a change, and giving my other purses a break helps keep them looking nice and new.

One thing to be said about humans, we seem to have this innate desire to dress ourselves in the colors of the nature around us. Probably the biggest theme of in-between season is the transition into autumn hues. As the leaves gradually begin to turn, so do we, in our way. These warm, earthy tones would look a little out of place in the spring or summer, but they feel like home as the air starts to cool.

Nobody could fault you for adoring the bright florals of spring or the cool neutrals of summer, but their time is fading for now. Embrace the cozy, grounded shades of fall. If you feel like it, now is an excellent opportunity to go through your closet.


Bottom line, I want to encourage you to sink slowly and comfortably into the fashions of fall this year, rather than dive in headfirst. I’ve made the mistake of getting excited by the first cool breeze I feel and immediately putting on a sweater, only to overheat and suffer for the rest of the day. It’s a difficult urge to control when you’ve been pining for the cold for months, but take my advice and spare yourself the inconvenience. There are plenty of options for tuning in to the early autumn vibes.

You can consider my suggestions in this post to be guidelines rather than anything particularly set in stone. As I said before, in-between season is chaos, and there really aren’t any rules. If you’ve been thinking about experimenting with your style lately, why not start today? The winds of change are blowing. Everybody’s in a state of transition. So if you’re looking for a sign to just go for it, here it is!

I hope spooky month has gotten off to a great start for you, and may all your style adventures be wonderful fun.


Have a beautiful week.

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