The Emmy Awards, 2019

The Emmys are a celebration of good television, and of all the talented people who make our favorite shows possible. And I’m here to celebrate the designer fashion that strolls down that beloved red carpet.

71st Annual Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Day 2, Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 15 Sep 2019
An honorable mention to Laverne Cox. She slayed in an all-black Zac Posen gown.

Picking out who I think are the best dressed is definitely my favorite part. Here is my official line-up!

Gwendoline Christie


Measuring up to a glorious 6’3″ (not including the added inches of her high heels), Gwendoline is essentially a giantess. I admire her, not only for her brilliant performances onscreen, but for being the epitome of owning your space. She never, ever tries to make herself smaller, instead flaunting her powerful size, as well as fully embracing her femininity.

I’m just going to say it… This was my favorite look of the night. She’s usually a queen, no question. She showed up this time as the Holy Roman Emperor.

Designer: Gucci

Angela Basset


Speaking of queens, Angela Basset is certainly a lady who brings it–every single time. This year, she turned heads in a simple, but fiery ensemble. And the lollipop clutch purse was the eye-catching cherry on top.

Remember everyone, red is a power color.

Shout out to whoever did her hair and makeup, because every detail is perfection.

Designer: Antonio Grimaldi

Maisie Williams


This is a young woman who has become a true fashion icon for me. She has this sort of punk vibe about her, and she’s absolutely fearless when it comes to style. Her Emmys look this year was perhaps a bit tamer than some of her other outfits, but honestly no less beautiful.

This mismatched black dress was equal parts elegant and spunky. Entirely perfect for her. She hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Fun fact: This dress is custom-made, and her boyfriend actually helped design it.

Designer: JW Anderson

Sophie Turner


Where you see Maisie Williams, you’re bound to find Sophie Turner as well. Playing the compelling Stark sisters on Game of Thrones, they are best friends in real life, and an iconic style duo. In the show, they are like day and night, and their sense of fashion usually echoes that a bit. Where Maisie is edgy, Sophie tends to be softer, more classically feminine.

Her Emmys look is a good example. Clean, neat, and perfectly tailored, she looks like a princess. (Or in her case, the Queen in the North).

Designer: Louis Vuitton

Sarah Silverman

IMG_4017You know me. I’m a real sucker for black and white. This is such a simple look, but it just feels right.

I will admit, I’m not totally sure I would wear this on a red carpet. It might be a little better suited to something like Fashion Week. But that doesn’t change how much I like it. Especially with those boots.

Designer: ???

On that same black and white note, I’d like to give an honorable mention to the always striking Viola Davis.


Designer: Alberta Ferretti

Emilia Clarke


This is another Game of Thrones actress who has a history of serving looks. I love a good plunging neckline, and it’s perfectly balanced by the otherwise simple silhouette and neutral color. Sexy and tasteful. Just right for such a lovely entertainer.

Designer: Valentino

Kendall Jenner


I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with this dress. I actually really like it from about the knees up. The latex turtleneck thing that’s happening actually makes those big, gaudy florals work. You know I like edgy florals.

I just hate the mermaid silhouette at the bottom. If it were me, I would cut that off completely and make the dress about knee-length. It simply does not need that extra froufrou nonsense when it’s already such a drastic look.

Designer: Richard Quinn

Kristen Bell


This was easily one of my favorite looks of the night, and no surprise, since she’s wearing my favorite designer.

I can’t think of a single instance in which Kristen has ever looked bad. Her style is always perky and fun, much like her personality. I know her best as the actress who has one of the cutest marriages ever, as well as a very sweet person who cares about education–she lifts up teachers all over the country, and is responsible for several excellent charities.

In terms of fashion, I think this may have been her personal best.

Designer: Dior

Catherine Zeta Jones


Have you ever seen a more glamorous silhouette? The cut and draping of this dress is in a league of its own. She is emanating Old Hollywood sex appeal. The fact that it’s all one solid color was absolutely the right choice on the designer’s part. Nothing needs to compete with the shape of this dress. It stuns, worn beautifully by a forever stunning woman.

Designer: Georges Hobeika

Marie Kondo


If you still haven’t watched Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix, you really need to get on that. What a pleasant, uplifting show. And Marie herself is just…adorable. She’s so kind. I can’t get enough of her. Her show certainly deserved the Emmy nomination.

She looked so lovely that night. Clean and trim and exceedingly chic. She didn’t get much attention at the awards, but I couldn’t help but include her.

Designer: ???

Tan France


It’s true that I pay a little less attention to the men at these events. So many of them still just wear classic tuxedos–and that can get repetitive. But there are always a few exceptions.

A fashion designer himself, and one of the stars on the Netflix series Queer Eye, it makes sense that Tan would catch my eye at the Emmys. Paying tribute to his South Asian heritage, he is wearing a modernized version of a traditional kurta. I love the colors and the pattern. He looks very elegant. This tunic sort of garment, in my opinion, should be utilized more often in our part of the world.

All of his fellow Queer Eye designers had fantastic ensembles for the red carpet. Tan’s was just my favorite.

Designer: Tarun Tahiliani

Daniel Levy


I love the classic tuxedo–it’s sexy and stylish on both men and women. And for men, a well-tailored suit is basically lingerie (in my mind, anyway). That being said, it needs to be a bit more than the classic tuxedo to make my list, and Daniel made that extra effort. It’s still subtle and timeless, but it’s also unique, and I appreciate that.

And it’s all tied together by his signature rings, which I am in love with.

The son and co-star of Eugene Levy, Daniel is making a name for himself, and I celebrate his success.

The resemblance is in the eyebrows.

If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek on Netflix (and you happen to enjoy good comedy), you really ought to check it out. Playing a father and son onscreen, they are easily some of my favorite characters.

Designer: Prada

Normally, I wouldn’t go into who I considered the worst dressed, and I’m still not going to…exactly. But I wanted to take a minute to address a strange new theme that I saw quite a lot of at this year’s Emmys.

Like, an alarming amount.


Pink and red.

Why is this happening? Is this a thing now? Because it shouldn’t be.

These are beautiful colors, but they are not complementary. And so many ladies went with this kind of dress! How did this become so prominent all of a sudden?


But I don’t want to leave you on a sour note. My little rant is over. And to take you right back up to the heights of couture, I give you…



This is my husband’s favorite, and it easily makes my top 3.

Not only has she delighted us on the big screen, but she has never disappointed on the red carpet. Zendaya is just a few years younger than me, and already she is one of Hollywood’s brightest rising stars.

And she wields it all so well.

Most recently, in response to a Mean Tweet that said her feet “probably smell like Funyuns,” she literally took off her shoe, smelled it, and said…



Designer: Vera Wang

As always, I hope you enjoyed this. I know I did. Red carpet events are my absolute favorite thing to write about when it comes to this blog.

The Emmys actually really snuck up on me. I wouldn’t have even realized they were happening if not for my sister, so shout out to her!

Whether you were able to catch the Emmy Awards this year or not, I’m so glad you chose to read my review of the fashion. Hopefully, my highlights caught your eye as much as they did mine.


Have a beautiful week.

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