A Spark of Inspiration

Rose Gold


This is an appreciation post more than anything. I don’t know if it’s generational, but I’m very attracted to this color. And recently, at least over the last couple years or so, most millennials seemed to share my love.

I feel like rose gold’s popularity might be waning somewhat now, however, and I’d like to encourage a revival.


I, for one, adore pink hair in general. Anyone who is willing to commit to dying their full head of hair is admirable already, but for whatever reason, I think pink is the cutest. A shade that is utilized to a far lesser extent is rose gold. Not many go that extra mile, not even back at the height of its popularity, and I don’t blame them. I bet it’s a tricky tint.

But consider…

Look how cool it is. Honestly, just looking at the picture above, I’m gonna say it’s my favorite of them all. Rose gold hair is literally the chicest hair you can have (in my opinion).

To those dedicated enough to go for it, I salute you.


At this moment, off the top of my head, I believe I only have three rose gold accessories. My sunglasses and two pairs of earrings. Obviously, I need more.

With me, the problem–and I’m using the word problem very loosely–is that I really only ever think to buy myself silver jewelry. And that’s what people tend to give me as gifts, as well. It’s just a habit, because silver really seems to go best with my complexion. My gold is limited, and my rose gold even more so.

But if you look for it specifically, you can find nearly anything in rose gold. Because even if people aren’t giving it as much attention these days, it’s still the epitome of chic. That’s just unlikely to change.


What does it make you think of? What feelings does this color inspire in you?

For me, I see something…modern. Metropolitan perhaps. I see myself in some cozy coffee shop with a view of the big city streets. Maybe I’m listening to music with those earphones, busily typing something up. And maybe I’m absently playing with a long, rose gold chain around my neck, which contrasts nicely against the black sweater I’m wearing. That’s what comes to my mind.

Somehow, I always picture happiness as a coffee shop.


I’m not a big city girl. Not really. I’m way too happy where I live now. But I’m not immune to the charm of such of place. And my imagination paints that charm in rose gold.


Think sunsets. Those especially beautiful ones when the light is at just the right angle in the sky, the gold of the sun softening into this incredible blush. It’s always such a temporary spread of color, never lasting long enough before the night comes.


Think…a pop of color. A black and white movie, nothing colorized but the pink champagne. A note of vibrancy that draws you into the moment, makes you taste the fizz and the light burn of the alcohol as if you were there.

Nothing in that shade of pink could taste bad.


Think youth. Those crisp, bright moments when life seems endless and limitless. When the magic of being alive is wondrous and still entirely overwhelming.

Fireflies on a summer evening. Carnival lights after sunset. Luminescent Christmas trees,  and the warmth of celebration. It’s all a bit rose gold, isn’t it?

I think the best thing of all may be the timing of this post. It’s September. We are right on the cusp of the changing seasons. It’s not exactly summer anymore, but it’s definitely still too hot to be autumn. I couldn’t have chosen a better theme if I’d planned it. (I honestly didn’t plan it. This was a random topic).

Rose gold is the perfect color for this in-between time.

Just look at the pictures above. Distinctly different, but the similar color scheme works well on both. Each is very aesthetically pleasing, though the moods are nothing alike. And that’s because rose gold combines a warm color with a cool one. So you can express just about anything you like.

Featured: rose gold earrings

Given the choice, I myself lean heavily towards the autumnal vibes. That’s my favorite season, hands down. The oppressive heat disperses (like a fever finally breaking), and I feel like I can breathe again.

Give me jackets and boots and a cold breeze on my face.

And give me rose gold. All season long.

A small aside: I’m about to go on vacation. I’ll be gone all week, so I won’t be posting next Monday. Sorry to those of you who’ve been enjoying. But I’ll be back, relaxed and revived, and ready to keep typing away.

So until we meet again…

Have a beautiful week.

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