What’s in My Bag


How much of a woman’s identity do you think is tied into her purse? I can’t say I’ve given that much thought, but honestly? I bet it’s quite a bit. As someone who carries a purse everywhere I go, every single day, I definitely rely on the stuff that I keep in there. And I have my own unique personal wants and needs, so it only seems right that the contents are a reflection of myself.

On the flip side of that coin, I’m sure a few items are pretty universal.

Let’s explore that. I’ve seen celebrities and influencers do videos/posts just like this. People are curious to see what kind of things they keep close at hand. So in case anyone was wondering, here is what’s in my bag:


Wallet and Keys

These have got to be universal, if nothing else. Even people without purses carry these. You basically have to.

I got lucky with this wallet. I received a few really nice purses when my aunt purged her closet last year and gave them to me. This wallet–which is way nicer than my last one–was inside one of those purses.

Nothing too special about my keys, but I still added a little of my own flair to the keychain. I love my crystal (that’s relatively new), and that black thing is actually a retractable magnifying glass. Impressive, I know.

Sunglass Case and the Sunglasses Within

This thing takes up about half my purse, but it’s a necessary evil. I have zero faith in those soft cases. They do nothing to actually protect your sunglasses, and I’ve had them get crushed before. Nothing can harm my beautiful shades in this armored car of a container.

As a kid/teenager, my sunglasses meant almost nothing to me. Easily replaceable. But I have these cool aviator shades now. They’re rose gold, and I love them.


Earphones and Portable Charger

I often listen to music while I type up my blog. Occasionally, I’ll just sit in the coffee shop and watch YouTube videos. And none of that would be possible without my earphones, which I keep neatly wound up with a twisty tie when not in use.

The portable charger is a lifesaver. I use my phone a lot. I basically organize my entire life with my phone. And my battery can unfortunately go down pretty fast. When I’m out of the house, it’s incredibly reassuring to know that I can restore my charge without disrupting my schedule.

These things, of course, revolve around my phone, which is not pictured. It can’t take a photo of itself. But I can assure you, if it’s not in my hand, it is definitely in my purse.


Compact Mirrors

The blue one is hardly anything special, except that it’s also a tiny hairbrush, and you never know when that could come in handy. As someone who keeps her hair medium/long in length, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

The one that says “Merci” is the one I’m proud of. I got it at Hobby Lobby, and I just think it’s so classy. If I ever need to check my makeup or something, I can do it with style.


2 Mini Hand-Sanitizers, Pill-Box Keychain, and a Tide To-Go

This is me being my mom, basically. Getting a headache? Let me just grab you an Advil out of this tiny pill-box. Want some hand-sanitizer? Would you like scented or unscented? Spill something on your shirt? Here’s a stain stick.

As you can see, I’ve got you covered.

Why even carry a purse if not for convenience?


My Knives

The tiny black one…I don’t even know where that came from. I honestly think I just found it somewhere. But I like having it, in any case. It’s even built to be a keychain, which is kind of nice. I don’t plan to ever use it as one though. Keys and such would just get in the way if I ever wanted to use it.

That larger, exceptionally beautiful knife was a gift, and one of my prized possessions. It’s handmade, and it’s in a custom leather sheath. My grandparents gave it to me ages ago (for Christmas, I think), and I’ve carried it with me ever since.

I used to keep a couple more in my purse, but I downsized recently. But these, along with the pocketknife I usually have on my person, come in handy more often than you’d think. Especially around Christmas time when people are struggling to open their presents.

And they give me a small sense of protection on top of the rest.



I really only started wearing lipstick within the last couple of years. And not counting the dark purple that I have at home (and almost never use), the two lipsticks pictured above are all I’ve got. The Clinique is a pinkish plum shade, and the bareMinerals is a bit more red, but they are both similar to my natural lip color, which is exactly why I like them.

I obviously carry the cheapest brand of chapstick available, but it does it’s job. Bonus: it’s cherry flavored, and it has a pink tint, so even when I’m not wearing lipstick, I’ve still got a dash of color happening.



That tiny coin-looking thing is an angel token. It just has a little winged angel imprinted on it, and that’s all. It’s meant to be a subtle reminder that I have an angel watching over me. Something pleasant to come across every so often as I dig through my purse trying to find my chapstick.

The horse keychain, if I’m remembering correctly, is something my husband won at the fair years ago. It’s not quite enough my style to actually be attached to my keys, but it is nice, and I clearly never saw any reason to get rid of it.

A rather squished, but still entirely functional pack of gum is always among my belongings. Having some gum on hand is the height of convenience, just like the Tide To-Go or the hand-sanitizer previously mentioned. People are always pleased when you have just what they need in that moment.


8 Pens and a Random Notepad with Attached Pen

Looking through my purse, you could almost deduce that I’m a writer…

A couple of those pens I actually carry on purpose. I often bring my journal to the coffee shop and write in it there. But the multitude of other pens are there because I have a habit of taking them from hotel rooms.

I don’t travel much, so a lot of those pens have had permanent residence in the bottom of my purse for years.

As for the notepad, I’ve used that maybe twice in my life, and I have no idea where it came from. But it’s there, and it always will be. And I’ll always be the lady who definitely has a pen if you need one.


In the past, as long as I felt like it looked good, I would carry one purse all year long, day in and day out, until it would just get physically worn down. I didn’t give it a moment’s thought. But now that I’m older and actually own more than one nice purse, I’m making an effort to change them out every few months. To better match the seasons, at least.

I feel like making it a conscious decision is good for me.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that I am way more minimalist with what I carry now. Back in the day, I didn’t mind lugging around the heaviest purse in the world for some reason. I kept whatever seemed to have even the slightest possible chance of being useful, including a small pair of binoculars… Yeah.


You can probably derive quite a lot from the information I’ve just given you. Or not. I don’t know what you derive. To me, the contents of my purse are pretty boring. It’s just the stuff that I use to keep my daily life running smoothly. The only thing glamorous about it is the purse itself; I’m grateful to have such a fine one. But the inside seems pretty utilitarian overall.

If I were to make guesses about my identity based on what’s in my bag, I would use words like ‘sensible’ and ‘tasteful’ and maybe ‘understated.’ I can live quite happily with that. I wouldn’t change anything. Whatever glimpse I’ve given you into my life, I hope one word you might use is ‘interesting.’

Have a beautiful week.

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