My Haul from Up North

If you caught my post last week, you know I went to New Hampshire for a few days. And as I recounted my experiences, I mentioned that I went shopping. So yes, I came home with some new things, and I’m really happy about that. I’ve been meaning to update my wardrobe lately, and this trip was helpful.

  • A striped t-shirt


From: Marshalls

This is a very New England-y trend. The stripes are even navy blue. It’s simple and pretty much timeless, and I honestly can’t resist stripes in general. The thing about a shirt like this is that I’m probably going to wear it forever. I purge my closet about once a year and get rid of whatever doesn’t work for me anymore.

If I’m right, this top will survive the annual purge time after time.

  • A green top with sleeve cut-outs


From: Marshalls

I’m gradually working on bringing more green into my wardrobe. Especially this darker, sort of forest green. It looks good with my complexion, and Greg likes it on me. The color aside, though, this top is just very me. The slits make it almost a cold-shoulder, which I love. And overall, I would consider this piece to be quite elegant.

  • A top covered in penny-farthings

IMG_8492From: Marshalls

The pictures from this point on will just be the merch without me in it. As of right now, I’ve only worn the previous two, and I’m just going to level with you: I straight up don’t feel like putting on a bunch of different things at once just to model for pictures. I’m not a photographer, and I dislike wardrobe changes. So

Penny-farthings. Those old-fashioned bicycles with the one giant wheel. It was just the right amount of weird to capture my attention. And funnily enough, this makes two penny-farthing themed tops I own now.


I never see them on anyone else, so I suppose I’m just meant to be that girl.

  • A plain black t-shirt


From: Marshalls

This isn’t my only plain black T. I consider these such a wardrobe staple that I’ll happily keep buying them, long or short-sleeved. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’m drawn to black, and of course the ultimate goal is to be full goth by the time I reach my senior years. This brings me but one step closer.

  • A top with embroidered detail


From: Marshalls

This one caught my eye because it has elements that are really popular at the moment. The shape, color, and detail along the shoulders/collar made me think of the 70s right away. It also has a sort of…tunic look to it, which I find appealing. It definitely has that modernized retro vibe that everyone currently loves so much.

  • A trendy bomber jacket


From: Marshalls

I was already excited for it to be fall again–autumn is my favorite season–but now I’m especially psyched. Very much looking forward to wearing my wild new jacket. I’ve always found bomber jackets really attractive, and this has the bonus of the edgy floral element. Just look at it; it’s almost startling, but it works. I’m going to stun when the weather turns cold.

This has been the Marshalls portion of my haul. That place is practically just TJMaxx by another name, and you can find great deals there. Much gratitude to my aunt J, who sponsored that shopping excursion for me.

  • A Downton Abbey top


From: The Downton Abbey exhibit in Boston

A souvenir from a lovely experience. I’m definitely a fan of the show, and I’m greatly looking forward to the movie. This is printed with art based on the show, as well as a quote from Lady Mary (on her wedding day in season 1): “I should hate to be predictable.”

Thank you to my Nana, who got one of these for both my sister and myself.

  • A t-shirt from Detroit


From: Aunt J’s closet

Not only did my aunt make a gift out of most of my shopping, she also gave me a few things she didn’t want anymore. I have always loved skulls and flowers, so I was happy to take this off her hands. This shirt is purple, by the way, but the lighting in this picture doesn’t show that very well.

Purple is another color I need to wear more of.

  • An interesting button-down


From: Aunt J’s closet

This is a picture of the back, because that’s the interesting part. It doesn’t actually cinch up, but it looks like it does, which is cool. My plan is to wear it over something else, with the buttons open. It’s unique–and it’s black–so of course I was glad to have it.

  • A Black Dog shirt


From: Aunt J’s closet

Not only do I like this, aesthetically speaking, but I actually have a short-sleeved version as well. It currently holds the distinction of my comfiest shirt, and I wear it on days when I want to be particularly comfy and carefree. Now I have a fall/winter rendition!

And this blue…this is my color.

Thanks again for everything, J.

  • My personal favorite


From: Ann Taylor

I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought anything from Ann Taylor before. Usually, the stuff in there is a little too business-y (and somewhat outside my price range). This vertical-striped blouse, though…it really caught my attention. I said no at first, but kept going back to it. And the more I looked, the more I loved. The thin black stripes, the soft, airy fabric, the hassle-free washing instructions. It was on sale for half off.


This one was me treating myself. Thanks, me.

These haul posts are such a great way for me to count my blessings. I’m really thankful to have the privilege of getting new clothes every once in awhile.

As a creature of habit, I’ll wear something I love for literal decades. A couple things in my closet have survived in there since my early high school days. That being said, I’ve learned in recent years that letting go of the old to make room for the new is really important. Whether they’re gifts or things I personally chose, I take pride in what I wear and how I present myself, especially now as an adult.


For me, fashion is part of my self-care. And getting to preen in the mirror, wearing something fresh and new, is always a good feeling.

Have a beautiful week.


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