10 Items That are Hot RIGHT NOW

I’ve decided to follow through with the pattern that I was already naturally starting to conform to. That is, I’ll be doing these “Hot Right Now” posts seasonally. Fashion trends shift along with Mother Nature just like everything else. I hope you enjoyed my previous posts for winter and spring.

Welcome to the summer post.

Ripped Jeans

I began noticing these as soon as the weather started getting hot. Makes sense, because they follow my general philosophy that one should show as much skin as possible when the sun becomes unbearable. This does that…less than shorts, but more than regular pants.

I was actually a little surprised to see ripped jeans make a come back. Probably because they’re reminiscent of my adolescence, and I actively try to avoid the fashion of my youth. But I really shouldn’t have been surprised, because just as much as the 70s have come back into style, so have the 90s.

And I can’t deny it. Ripped jeans are a great summer look.

Oversized T-shirt, Shorts


I respect a good sense of minimalism. This look is comfortable, highly casual, but still attractive.

In all honesty, though, you probably won’t find me wearing this style. Not because I don’t like it, but because it just looks way too much like what I wear as pajamas.

I’d still recommend it. Don’t get me wrong.

Mid-Heel Sandals

Sandals are a summer staple, and I think they always will be. This is how they are being worn a lot right now, and I love it. It dresses up your look without the discomfort of adding tons of height.

This kind of heel goes seamlessly from day to night. I’ve seen them worn with dresses, but also with shorts/t-shirts. Shoes really need to be versatile in order to be functional, and these fit that description.

Shorts with Belts

Thin belts are still popular, but these thicker ones have come into the limelight recently, and I really like them. Belts like this are more typically associated with long pants, but they give shorts a sort of utilitarian vibe, and it’s a nice way to mix things up.

As a side note, jean shorts have been overshadowed lately by cloth ones, like in the photos above. It’s added a lot of variety to the usual shorts/t-shirt summer combo.

The Little Pearl Handbag

This feels, to me, like a pretty obscure thing to become a trend, but purses have been all over the map this year. There’s something to be said for keeping your accessories interesting. Despite being unusual, the pearl handbag follows all the rules of a good summer purse. It’s small, light-colored, and can go with just about any hot-weather ensemble.

It would look great around the beach, for example, and the beach is actually where I’ll be going fairly soon. I may need to get one.

Floral Sundresses

This applies to shirts and blouses, too. Florals are in.

I usually associate flowers with spring attire, but their popularity has absolutely exploded this summer. So if you have even the slightest urge to wear a floral print, do it now.


An honorable mention goes to these flower/plant graphic t-shirts, which are a very cool thing to wear right now. Definitely on my wish list.

Tropical Prints

This guy is actually a personal friend of mine. Hi, Ryan! Follow @djryanstorey if you have Instagram.

I always pictured “Hawaiian shirts” as something super old men wore to Florida, and I never imagined they would spread any further than that. But young men and women alike are wearing them all over the place now.

I grew up watching movies in which tropical prints were worn exclusively by the lame dad character, and now I am witnessing the trend experience a revival I never saw coming. These shirts have become the fresh, new look of the summer.

What a time to be alive!

Gold Chain Belts

I don’t know the backstory to this one. Where is this coming from? Was it a 90s thing, too? You got me.

But hey, I think it looks great. Jewelry has been pulling gradually away from the minimalism of the last couple years. Chunkier pieces are being worn just as much now, and the gold chain belt is consistent with that pattern.

I’m a big fan of more unusual accessories. The neck and hands are not the only places to wear our pretty things. Every woman is a queen. So wrap yourselves in your treasures, my friends. Why shouldn’t you?

Peekaboo Tops

Especially the kind that show some back.

This summer has thrown record heatwaves our way, and really the only natural response has been to show more skin. I’ve always found cut-outs and anything else “peekaboo” to be highly appealing. Exposed back is sexy, while also being one of the most harmless parts of you to expose–for those of you who don’t like to go for a lot of cleavage.

God, it’s hot. And I hate that. But I absolutely love the minimal use of fabric this season.

Short-Sleeved Button Downs


And here you have it. The most popular look of the summer.

This has become the overwhelming style majority over the last several months, at least in the area where I live. It definitely ties into the 70s genre that I’ve talked about before, and since these shirts come in every color and pattern known to man, it works for everybody.

There’s a casual, boyish vibe to this look. It’s easygoing and non-restrictive around the waist, which is preferable these days. Not to mention, anything retro-looking is desirable right now.

This is what Summer 2019 dresses like.

The way fashion trends ebb and flow with the seasons is often less predictable than you might think. I’m constantly surprised, but it’s almost always pleasant, to be honest.

It’s fascinating how a generation of individuals–who all have their own unique personal styles–still tends to reach a silent agreement about what looks good. And I’m right in the middle of it. I sit in my favorite coffee shop nearly every day, and I get to just take it all in.

And then write about it.

You know, I can’t describe the gratification I feel when I post about a certain style, and then see that exact thing walk into the café the next day. It makes me wonder if my observations are just spot on, or if I’m actually influencing the people around me.

I hope it’s a bit of both.


I’m putting up this post a bit early, so apologies for the blip in my consistency. I’m going out of town for a few days, so I’m having to work around that. Unfortunately, that also means I’ll be taking a gap week between this and my next post. But hopefully, my vacation will prove enriching, and I’ll have even more interesting things to discuss upon my return.

Until then…

Have a beautiful week.


One thought on “10 Items That are Hot RIGHT NOW

  1. As for your question on the chain belts origin, they are a throw back to the 80s. I loved mine! They were worn mostly with high waisted, straight legged jeans and pumps. The chains added a little pizazz to the waistline. We also wore them with solid colored knit dresses that clang to the body and flaired to the knees. They dressed up a simple look and drew attention to our inverted triangle shape created by oversized shoulder pads.


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