A Spark of Inspiration

Celestial Patterns


It seems inherently…human to gaze up at the stars. To wonder and contemplate what that unreachable vastness could possibly be made of.

And just like flowers, and all the other lovely things that humans seem to intrinsically love, I think we should wear the heavens.

Our options are as limitless as the universe itself. What patterns speak to you? Do you want to imitate the twinkling night sky? Do you have an affinity for the sun or moon? How about the planets? All of them at once? You can be as minimal or as bold as you please.

I, myself, am a big jewelry girl. And slowly but surely, it’s my plan to build a collection of celestial accessories. The moon in particular is very alluring to me; it always has been. I’d happily wear it in any form.

Rings, necklaces, hair decorations, every single piece of jewelry is already like a sparkling star on your body, something that draws the eye and enhances your natural beauty. So if you choose to wear it in the form of an actual star, more power to you.

IMG_0190One great thing about our world today is that if you can imagine it, it’s fairly likely that it already exists–and is available for purchase somewhere on the internet. Look at these shoes! They’re real, and I totally want them.

Constellations are a definite favorite of mine. They are their own form of magic. I like thinking about our ancestors, and how they weren’t satisfied with simply stargazing. They had the intelligence and the ambition to map out the stars, to find patterns and constants, to measure the movement of the universe. And that knowledge is still with us now, tens of thousands of years later.


Each zodiac sign is associated with its own constellation as well. Above is mine, Aries.

People love to wear indicators. They love to categorize themselves. That’s why there are so many fandom t-shirts out there, why there is so much merchandise for sports’ teams and professions. If you’re part of a group, any kind of group, it’s normal to want to express it.

I like belonging to a group of stars.

Another mission of mine, at least since last winter, is to find sweaters that kick it up a notch. Solid colors will always be fashionable, but interesting designs take things to the next level. When the wind is cold and the outside world is grey, an eye-catching outfit makes the general scenery a bit more lively. Celestial patterns certainly apply.

Both of the sweaters above are absolutely on my wish list.

And there is, of course, a wishlist of mine that’s more like a fantasy list. I’ve seen some very nice examples of celestial patterns in the world of haute couture–and fashion week street style. If I ran in those circles, I’d be decked out in such items as you see in the pictures above (and I’d be having a whole lot of fun). But as things are, well, it’s nice to dream.

And I still have plenty of fun.


This kind of boyish, casual button-down is just the kind of shirt that’s really popular this summer. It’s a great illustration of how easily these starry designs can be incorporated into the style of the moment. There’s no part of the universe that won’t go with your outfit, whatever you like to wear.


I make these “spark of inspiration” posts only just every so often. The idea behind them is always the same. I see something I like, and so I talk about it–in the hopes that more people will like it, and then ultimately, I can see more of it.

I’m not an outdoorsy person by any means, but I love to gaze up at the heavens just as much as the next human. I also like to look at people, and I do that a great deal more often. I think it would be lovely to see both at the same time.

Pictured: my first piece of celestial jewelry. No surprise, it’s the moon. 

Have a beautiful week.

2 thoughts on “A Spark of Inspiration

  1. Love your fashion sense and writing style. Your blog is a great way to stay up with the latest trends without sacrificing a casual and comfortable living style that feels as amazing as it looks.

    I love stars so much it’s in my name! And every time I see a crescent moon it reminds me of my beautiful garden wedding at the historic hotel in Eureka.


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