I think it’s well past time I did a post on this. It is the middle of July, and whether it’s at the beach, the lake, or the pool, almost everyone goes swimming in the summer. It’s hard to resist, given the heat.

poolside-style2I’m sure it’s no surprise whatsoever that fashion permeates this summertime activity–it permeates literally everything. So today, let’s look into how one can go for a swim in style.

Bathing Suits of the Moment


The classic one-piece is highly chic right now (and my personal favorite). Perfect in its simplicity, this kind of bathing suit can be one sleek, solid color, or a million other designs. You can accomplish any look you want with just one item.


All the more fun if you throw some cut-outs into the mix. (I almost bought that exact bathing suit one time. I sort of regret not going for it).


Retro-inspired bathing suits are probably the hottest look of the moment. Combining the past with the present creates something truly special, the best of both. Old-fashioned designs on modern silhouettes…not only does that make for gorgeous swimwear, it makes for top notch fashion in any situation.


Something else you can see everywhere nowadays is the high-waisted two-piece. Everything is high-waisted these days, and I love it.


Of course, the classic bikini is never going out of style. And wearing a matching set will always be chic. But with any two-piece swimsuit, you have the opportunity to mix and match, and you should seize it. Go for colors that complement one another, or a solid piece paired with a patterned piece. Just to keep things interesting.

Fun fact: The bikini was banned almost the moment it was invented, and it didn’t gain major popularity in the U.S. until the mid-60s.

e6069688fd7415cb7a107a3aa24cbc54But then again, this woman was fined for indecency when she dared to wear this to the beach. So yeah, the patriarchy has always been a massive pain in the ass.



The cover-up is the thing you wear as you walk down to the pool or stroll along the beach. It’s function isn’t necessarily to cover anything–most of them are open or sheer. They usually obscure just enough to make you look even sexier. But they can definitely be sort of a security blanket if you’re not used to showing a ton of skin.


You don’t have to buy an actual cover-up, though. Not if you have a pair of shorts or a random t-shirt. When you’re next to a body of water, you can throw on anything you want and it’s an ensemble. If it looks good with your bathing suit, you’re all set.


If you’re going to the beach, especially if you’re not planning on swimming much, the perfect accessories are sunglasses and the classic floppy sunhat. You’ll thank yourself for bringing a cool pair of shades. The summer sun is particularly glaring. And the beach (or by the pool) is almost the only location you can really get away with the giant hat. (People just don’t wear hats like they used to).

cjv715_navy_frontAnd you can keep it all in your convenient tote bag, along with a towel, something to drink, and plenty of extra sunscreen. These come in every style under the sun, so just pick what you love. Nautical themes, for example, are always acceptable.


Flip-flops or sandals of some kind are also more or less a necessity. To protect your feet from the hot ground, if nothing else. Above are two examples of some very trendy current styles. Just make sure you wear something that can handle getting wet and/or sandy.


If you really want to kick your swimsuit style up to the next level, add some jewelry. It’s a great opportunity to layer necklaces. When you’re just in a bathing suit, you can wear more at once than you normally would. I think this is a fantastic look, but do pay attention to what materials your jewelry is made of. If it can’t withstand water or sweat, you run the risk of turning your skin green.


I’m of the opinion that summer should be a time when we celebrate our bodies. It’s hot outside; it’s the season when we show the most skin. And yet, it’s almost always this toxic situation. Get your “beach body” ready. Get your “summer body” ready. Even just looking through the internet for photos, I wasn’t very pleased with what I saw. You pretty much have to type in “plus size” just to find women who even look real.

I don’t mean any offense to the ladies who are naturally skinny. You look amazing, too. But the curvier ladies often feel embarrassed to even put on a bathing suit. And that’s not right. That’s not how it should be.

The only ones who benefit from women feeling bad about themselves are corporations trying to get your money and the patriarchy. Neither deserves a single ounce of support.

policeman-measuring-bathing-suitDon’t forget that not so long ago, men were policing how much skin a woman could show in a bathing suit. Girls could be fined or even dragged off to jail for exposing too much leg or whatever. I get angry just thinking about it.

People patrolling the beach with measuring sticks are a thing of the past, and it’s because of the women before us who wouldn’t submit to that bullshit. So forget about your “summer body.” Put on a bathing suit you like, dress it up however you want, and go swimming. Have fun, and who cares about the rest?

In a society that profits off of our insecurities, self-confidence is an act of rebellion.

So let’s rebel this summer.

IMG_9416 Have a beautiful week.

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