Crazy Rich Asians (In Real Life)


Hopefully, you’ve been able to see Crazy Rich Asians by now. Such a great movie; I would recommend it to anyone.


It’s really not your typical rom-com. There are definitely elements of that age old Cinderella story, but with an all-Asian cast and an entirely different cultural setting, there’s nothing else quite like it.


Here in America, we all have a decent idea of how rich Americans live. Lord knows there are plenty of “reality” shows for us to watch, and more than likely you have a few celebrities you like to keep an eye on. But you’ve probably never seen how rich Asians live.

And we’re not talking simply about rich. Crazy rich is absolutely the appropriate term. This is a level of wealth that most of us have never even dreamed of. And this movie is based on real people who truly do have that kind of money.

I’ve been following as many of them as I could find on Instagram, and I want to talk about what they tend to buy/wear. It’s all on an entirely different level.


For example, you remember that scene when Astrid (my favorite character) is jewelry shopping? That’s real.


This is Yoyo Cao. These photos are stills that I took from her video on Instagram. She is going through Chanel’s vintage collection.


Sisters Michelle and Rachel Yeoh (left to right) are pictured here in the library where they held Chanel’s latest runway show. Paris Fashion Week is just now coming to an end, and most, if not all, of the “crazy rich Asians” that I’ll be mentioning were in attendance.

If I’m not mistaken, both sisters are wearing Chanel from last year (2018). Which brings me to my next point: these women don’t just attend fashion shows. They go there to shop. As in, they watch the show…and then they go back and buy the pieces that they liked. There are only a couple thousand women in the whole world who can afford to do that.

What I wouldn’t give just to see one of these shows. Especially with my sister.


Heart Evangelista invented a side business out of a grease spill. The story goes that as she was eating French fries, she accidentally got some grease on her new designer bag, creating a blemish that couldn’t be fixed. Instead of declaring it ruined, she decided (as an artist) to paint over the stain. She now puts her original artwork on other people’s designer purses.

To put this into perspective, the purses we’re talking about here cost anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000. The fact that her hobby is to paint on them is kind of a big deal.


On the subject of handbags, Jamie Chua collects those and cars to match.

Heart at the opening of her 7th solo art exhibition.

Now that you have some idea of just how rich these ladies are, let’s get into some trends I’ve noticed.


Designer designer designer.

The biggest–and priciest–names in fashion are basically all these people wear. Especially Chanel. They have (massive) closets jammed full of couture, and that is their daily wardrobe.

So if you want to emulate the style of the super rich, watch the shows. Maybe subscribe to a magazine. Like I’ve advised in the past, look at what elements you like. Then you’ll be able to find similar pieces at stores like TJMaxx or Marshalls (aka stores that normal people shop at).


Pearl earrings. Especially drop earrings, like in the photos above.

This is no great surprise, given how classic and timeless pearls are. If real ones are outside of your price range, don’t be afraid to wear faux. Just try not to get ones that look too plastic. (If you go to a jewelry store like Zales, you can find faux pearls that are made to look like the real thing).


These completely adorable little tea cups.

This one is maybe a little harder to copy, but I’m including them because I just really find them attractive. Such an elegant, darling addition to one’s breakfast table.

No reason it can’t be a pretty coffee mug, though.

The idea behind these, at least, is a lovely one. Find some little way to be stylish, even as you begin your day. We can’t all have a leisurely, gourmet breakfast, but including some kind of pleasant ritual into your morning routine is optimal.

You can tell this is Heart because of her little tattoo.

Manicured nails.

The super rich maintain themselves to a degree that most of us can’t even imagine–or wouldn’t even want to commit to. Since they can afford to have spas and stylists at their disposal 24/7, having perfect nails is just a basic thing for them.

I can’t say I have much experience in this arena. I’ve had one manicure in my life (for my wedding), and only a handful of pedicures. But what I can say is that getting your nails maintained is pretty affordable, at least for the occasional treat-yourself day.

So don’t forget to treat yourself!


Barrettes and hair accessories.

This is a popular trend among the common folk, too. I’ve mentioned it a post before. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the barrette craze trickled down from them to us. Heart Evangelista was actually my personal inspiration. (I’ve been following her the longest).

IMG_2205 I was channeling her with this look.

This trend is an easy one to copy. You can find barrettes just about everywhere right now. The only difference will be that yours probably won’t be from Versace.


Jewelry, stacked.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings–if they are in the mood to wear it, they will usually wear a lot of it. I’ve also noticed that they seem to prefer gold, generally speaking.

I’m more of a silver girl myself.

I like to do this…with a slightly more minimalist approach. Layering necklaces? I’m all about it. But I keep them delicate–no chunky ones competing for attention. Multiple rings on one hand? Yes, please. But I usually balance that out by not wearing a bracelet.

When you’re mega-wealthy, more is more, and more is better. But I like to think that subtlety can ultimately be more alluring.


The level of cash flow that I’m discussing in this post simply isn’t attainable. I am never going to see or experience this kind of money, and in that sense, I’m never going to be like Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians. But I can emulate her poise; I can emulate her kindness.

And, in my own way, I can emulate her style.

The rich are fun to watch. They live in the splendor that we all fantasize about. But you don’t have to be dripping with Chanel to be splendid. Take care of your skin. Wear clothes that fill you with confidence. And strive to be the best version of yourself, always.

That’s all any of us can do, rich or not.

IMG_5150 2 Have a beautiful week.

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