70s Fashion, Modernized

It’s not like this, thank God.

Of all decades to make a fashion comeback, I didn’t see the 70s coming. Maybe I was just too distracted praying that it wouldn’t be the 80s.


I never thought of the Disco Era as particularly attractive, but I’ve actually found myself enjoying and even embracing its modern-day echo. My first exposure was a Chloé runway show that I watched last year (2018).

At first glance, I was like, thank you, no. You could see right away, especially from the color palette, that this was going to be heavy on the 70s theme. But after I gave it a minute, I started to really like it. And it’s literally one of my favorite shows to this day.

The deep necklines and interesting cut-outs, and especially the jewelry, all captured my attention. I usually judge a runway by how much I would actually like to wear their pieces, and this one had a pretty high rate of wearability for me. It still contains plenty of the 70s patterns that I just can’t abide, but it’s all toned down compared to actual 70s clothing.

And that’s what this is really all about.

Get this away from me.

I’ve said before that if you go too hard with a theme, it becomes a costume rather than an outfit, and that certainly goes for 70s style. The key is in picking and choosing elements.


Shortly after I saw the runway show, I started seeing things like the sweater above. This was last fall. All the better, because the 70s involved a lot of fall colors. Mustard yellow was never exactly a friend of mine, but it looks lovely on a more olive complexion. And darker tones. (Just not really on the vampire skin I happen to have). But it’s not only the color, the shape is reminiscent of that era as well.

And yet, you can tell at first glance that this is a modern outfit.

ea67db6c106bc3dd765bdeea5cae4bd5You may remember Jeanne Damas, the It-Girl of Paris, from a couple of my other posts. She’s definitely no stranger to 70s-inspired looks. She’s wearing a more summery option here, with that rusty orange color being the defining element. If she were wearing skinny jeans, this outfit would be a bit more American-looking. (Skinny jeans are basically the ONLY jeans right now, in case you weren’t aware). 

But Jeanne isn’t really being casual in that picture. And well, neither are the ladies in these pictures…but it wouldn’t be unusual to see outfits like this in the coffee shop. (You know it’s my belief that people step it up at the coffee shop).

Notice the high-waisted pants–which are THE pants right now (and I love them). Classic jeans in varying shades of blue, as well as the fully patterned kind, are being worn left and right. And, as you might expect, short versions are appearing now that the summer heat is kicking in.

I just (fervently) hope that parachute pants never resurface.

But let’s get even more casual. Looking too done up is sort of a faux pas on your average afternoon. People dress for comfort 9 times out of 10, but that in itself is in style, and doesn’t necessarily equate to a lack of polish.

It’s not difficult to see the 70s coming out in these outfits; it’s just a lot more subdued. Rompers and jumpsuits are even more popular than sundresses these days (which works out for me; I’ve never been much of a dress girl). And flowy has begun to overshadow skin-tight when it comes to blouses and tops.


Imagine this exact button-down, but left open and with a cami underneath. These really vintage-looking shirts are highly chic at the moment, with both men and women. Bonus points if they are actually vintage. In the past, I wouldn’t have really approved of something so intensely patterned. And even now, I can’t say I love just any old design.

My eyes have been injured from this.

But I have to admit that not all patterns are created equal, and I’ve learned to like quite a few. The moral of this story, I think, is to be choosey with the elements you go with, especially if you want to toe the line between reviving something old in a cool new way vs. reviving something that should have stayed dead. Sometimes, that can be a thin line.

If you looked back right now at the popular fashion I’ve discussed in the past, you’d probably notice how trends were starting to lean towards the 70s well before I pointed it out here. I’ve been seeing it in one form or another for months now. I’m glad I finally decided to discuss it in more detail.

I, myself, am hopping on the 70s train (as subtly as I can). I feel like the purse I happen to be carrying right now falls within that standard. And I just got a vintage pair of suspenders that I am incredibly excited about. Overall, I’m just trying to take it one element at a time. I don’t like to get swept away entirely, even in the mainstream.

(Can I just say…I love suspenders; I’ve always loved suspenders, on both men and women. They are so sexy, and I am psyched that they are starting to become a more utilized accessory).

1970sColorPaletteIf your interest has been piqued by any of this, I say absolutely go for it. Pick out the elements you like and put things together from there. The 70s have a lot more to offer in terms of fashion than I thought, and now is the time to run with it.

Put on some Elton John and go to town.


Have a beautiful week.

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