A Spark of Inspiration

Ancient Greece


Cultures all over the world, both in the present and in the distant past, have come up with unique and beautiful ways to clothe and decorate the human form. Today, I’ll be discussing Ancient Greece. More specifically, I have been inspired by several paintings of women from that era.

(Most of the examples I’ll be showing you are by the artist John William Godward).


I definitely feel like spring is the best time to consider this kind of style. The bright color palettes, the use of ribbons, the light, silky, draping fabrics…it all looks terribly comfortable, doesn’t it?


Look at the way she’s wearing her hair in this one. That’s also a common theme in these paintings. I don’t really see people utilizing ribbons at all these days. This is a very pretty way to change that. And can we talk about those sandals? Those are cuter than most modern ones.


There’s also no limit whatsoever to the color combinations. It may be spring, but pastels aren’t for everyone. Red and gold, for example, are a powerful duo, and that doesn’t look one molecule less breezy or soft.


Let’s get more creative with the way we tie things around our waists, our hips, our shoulders. It’s such a simple thing, but look at how elegant it is. All of these pieces of art portray such a soft, gossamer, luxurious kind of style.


I’m in favor of this, too, but it might be a little bold for us at this moment in time. Imagine it as a coverup for a swimsuit, though. In that sense, it could be very practical.



Chanel did a runway show last year (2018) that had a theme right along these lines.


But of everything I’ve shown you so far, not a single thing has been all that realistic. If you put together any of these outfits just as they are, you would look like you were wearing a costume. And outside of a toga party, that simply wouldn’t do.

Let’s explore the wearable elements.

Silky. Flowy. Comes in every color. The pleated skirt meets a lot of the requirements for the Ancient Greek look. And better still, these are in right now. Especially midi-length, as portrayed in the pictures above.

Consider next the kimono. This is another light, breezy item that happens to be chic at the moment. I have a beautiful blue one that goes with both summer and winter outfits. And they also make for a great beach look if you wear it with a swimsuit.

I’m all for ribbons, but I think scarves may be the more modern way to go when it comes to tying things in your hair. And since the colors and patterns are endlessly versatile, you can manage any style you choose. Bonus: scarves work with any hair length or texture.

And speaking of scarves, you can wear one silk scarf about ten million different ways, so I definitely recommend investing in such a thing. You could really let your creativity shine through.

A woman angrily listens to music.

I’m sure I didn’t get everything in this post entirely historically accurate in terms of Ancient Greek fashion. I’m sure John William Godward embellished or reimagined certain elements in his paintings. But this is what I want you to take away from my blog today: silky and comfortable.

Everything else is up to you.


And just a quick aside for my faithful readers…

As you read this, I am departing for a week-long vacation. Which means, sadly, there won’t be a blog post next week. But don’t despair! I’ll be right back at it in the days following.

All my love, guys.

Have a beautiful week.

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