10 Items That are Hot RIGHT NOW

If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you may recall that I’ve done this once before. But that was in the middle of winter, and fashion shifts and flows with the seasons. We are right at the end of spring, the cusp of summer, so it’s high time I caught you up on the latest trends.

Here we go!

Acrylic Nails

These are technically nothing new, but I’m seeing them more and more right now. Especially these slightly longer, semi-pointed ones. Honestly, I think they are beautiful, though I’m not sure I could handle them myself. I’ve had one manicure in my entire life, and that was for my wedding. Still, I’m in favor of the trend.


Some are even taking it a few steps further, especially celebrities–Cardi B, for example. These extra long, extra decorated nails are popular in a few circles. It reminds me a lot of certain cultures back in the day that would use fingernails as a status symbol. Basically, long nails meant you were well-off enough not to do hard physical labor. I imagine they mean the same thing today.

Linen Pants

IMG_6208I love me a good pair of jeans, but as hot weather rapidly approaches, this is a welcome change. This kind of fabric is light and breathable, not to mention comfortable. And, hot tip: the ones with vertical stripes like the picture above are especially chic right now.


IMG_6417I haven’t given barrettes much thought since I was wearing those bright little plastic ones as a small child. Until, of course, they came back in a big way this year. Now they’re a fashionable adult thing.

IMG_6415This is the kind I’m seeing the most of, by the way. I’m completely in favor of hair decorations, so I’ll probably hop on this bandwagon at some point myself.

Over-the-shoulder Purses

Smaller purses with longer straps are the thing at the moment. And since it’s warm weather, I recommend lighter colors. Black leather and the hot sun don’t exactly go hand in hand.


The surprise trend of the moment is actually these round wicker purses. I didn’t see them coming, to be honest, but I’m a fan.

Blazers with Matching Shorts


There’s something about this look that’s just…cool. It’s got this “edgy, yet professional” vibe to it. I’ve seen this in a variety of colors and patterns, and it’s chic every time. And this is a look that would work well in the autumn, too.

Crystal Jewelry

Just about anything that gives off “hippie” energy is popular right now. Crystals, especially. And there are a million and one different styles to choose from.

It’s mainstream enough right now that I was able to find some nice crystal necklaces at TJMaxx, but go to Etsy or your local metaphysical shop for some particularly unique and beautiful choices.


These are a lot like wearing those linen pants I mentioned, except on your whole body. I see these all the time, and I have never spotted anyone who could not rock it. Want a guarantee that you’ll look fly as hell? Get a jumpsuit.


And just like with the pants, vertical stripes are all the rage right now.

Biker Shorts


I could do an entire post on the concept of “athleisure”–don’t be surprised if I actually do. This is just one especially popular example. I’ve even seen these dressed up and worn with suits (on women). The basic idea is that athletic wear is super comfortable, and pretty sexy more often than not. That’s a great combination.

Button-down Plaid Shirts (Left Open)

This is a trend that has lingered since last fall, and if anything, has gotten stronger. The season for long sleeves is sadly coming to an end (curse you, hot weather!), but this style is hanging on ’til the last minute.

Shoutout to my sister, who enthusiastically adopted this look as part of her personal style.

Sneakers as Dress Shoes

This is the perfect amalgamation of dressing up and dressing down at the same time. I am 100% in favor of erring on the side of comfort. I love sneakers. I love flats in general. If this is the beginning of phasing out heels, I can get behind that. It means healthier feet, if nothing else.

As always, don’t ever let my blog posts put you in a box. There are way more than just 10 Hot Trends going on this season. But I hope I’ve given you some ideas!

I have such a great time spotting popular patterns. Part of the reason I type up these posts sitting in a coffee shop is because, besides being a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to observe the fashion of the moment. Different people filter through for different reasons, but looking chic while you grab yourself a coffee is a trend in and of itself.

One that I love to partake in.

Have a beautiful week.

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