A Spark of Inspiration

Edgy Florals


People have been using flowers to decorate themselves for all of human history. They’re pretty. They smell nice. We can’t help it. And I am fully in support of keeping that up for the rest of human history. But at this moment in time, I think we should take it to another level.

Let me first give you an example of the exact opposite of what I’m talking about.


I hate every aspect of this dress. That is precisely the sort of floral pattern we should be leaving behind. A loud, obnoxious explosion of clashing colors and busyness. The only way I can imagine saving this outfit is taking it off, cutting a strip of the fabric out, and then using that strip as a belt on a solid black dress.

One wants a nice pop of color. Not something that gives you a headache if you stare at it too long.


Now this is much better. Cute, artsy, and easy on the eyes. Instead of covering every inch of a garment in flowers, let them function as a statement piece, like a built-in accessory.

35c27370-9b91-4e5d-acd1-3cb30c47a5f5And when I say “edgy florals,” I’m mostly referring to the delightful contrast that flowers make against the color black. Especially leather, if you’re going for extra edge.

IMG_4699Want to add a hint of hardcore to your ensemble? Want to go full punk while still expressing your femininity?


You can’t go wrong by adding a splash of florals. Who doesn’t like flowers? That would literally be as weird as not liking puppies. Some things are just universally pleasing.

But remember to keep them as an attention-grabber, not an overwhelming pattern.


Better to have one giant flower than a thousand little ones.


And by no means should this style be limited to just flowers on a black surface. Reversing the contrast looks just as good. Black florals are absolutely stunning on a white blouse, for example, like the one above.


And how about those classic spring colors? Pink is a natural choice.


These shoes utilize rose gold in a very chic way.

Overall, I just want to draw your attention to the versatility here. You could express just about any mood with edgy florals. Goth or preppy. Casual or haute couture. It’s springtime! Throw flowers across the entire spectrum.

And let’s even take it one step further.


Many people my age have tattoos, and thankfully the stigma surrounding these decorations has begun to fade significantly. And how could florals get any edgier than in tattoo form? I say, when you love a style, don’t be afraid. Take it all the way!

For those who have the money and the pain-tolerance, flowers could be an incredible artistic choice.

IMG_4725Just look at this. To me, this is so elegant and empowering.

Edgy florals take something considered lovely and feminine, and add a layer of depth and badassery. And in that way, the true feminine spirit is better represented.

The purpose of these occasional “spark of inspiration” posts is exactly as it sounds. This is me just throwing out ideas, bringing random thoughts to your attention in the hopes that something might spark in someone. It’s my way of encouraging a budding trend (or even starting a new one).


I’ve loved edgy florals for quite awhile, and I own a few pieces that express that. I definitely want to see and wear more. And as I said, it’s spring. I think now’s the time.

Have a beautiful week.

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