Skincare in a Makeup-Wearing World

(Happy birthday to me!)

If you caught my last post, then you know how I feel about cosmetics. They’re fun! But makeup isn’t built to last, and every time it goes on, alas, it must come off.


If you’ve ever worn makeup in your life, you probably already know the cardinal rule: always take it off before bed. Otherwise, you’re looking at clogged pores and pillow stains. I use these cleansing towelettes by Neutrogena. I recommend them on the grounds that they work really effectively, but be warned, they do dry out the skin.


I myself haven’t tried this one (yet), but my sister swears by it, so I’m going to make mention of it real quick. Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier is effective while also being gentler on skin. And apparently this product is well-liked by the French, so that in itself is a pretty good recommendation.


And while we’re talking about cleansing…

I would say that the very least you could ever do is keep your skin clean. Soap and water are fine, but if you’re prone to acne like I am, that’s not always enough. I use Cetaphil skin cleanser, and I prefer the “gentle” variety, as the regular strength really dries me out.

I just rub this into my face as part of my shower routine. Easy peasy. It actually helped clear up the acne on my chest, too.


If there’s one thing that I would want you to take away from this post, it’s this: moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Put. Lotion. On. Your. Face.

Oh, and drink water! Moisturize from the inside out.

It doesn’t even matter if you wear makeup or not. Do this anyway. Keeping your skin hydrated is a major step in self-care.

Pro-tip: Whatever you put on your face, apply to the neck as well.

I use this moisturizer by Clinique. And I admit, I can’t be bothered to apply this every single day. So I do it after I shower, which is every other day. It’s the perfect time to put it on anyway because the skin is extra ready to absorb it right after it’s been washed. This is also the time when your face will get the driest if you don’t use lotion.

So lotion up!

Bonus: This will also help control oiliness.


On the subject of lotion, I’d like to make a small note on anti-aging creams. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, nor can I tell you about every ingredient in this stuff. But I do know this: it’s essentially just extra expensive moisturizer. There isn’t some special chemical or vitamin that reverses the effects of time on your face. But keeping your skin hydrated does help, and that’s pretty much all anti-aging products do. And the pink ones that give you a rosy glow? It’s lotion with blush in it.

Sorry if I took away some of the magic…but maybe I saved you a little cash.


Moving on. To the lips!

Here’s my first tip: use a toothbrush to exfoliate them. Things like lipstick, or just dry weather, can chap your lips like crazy, and nothing feels worse than having dead skin there. Grab a toothbrush and brush all that away. Just be sure to put on some chapstick directly after.

Like your skin, your lips need moisture to keep them healthy and comfortable (and kissable). These are what I use. Every night, without fail, I use the Carmex. I’m not a major fan of it in stick form, but it’s awesome in the little jars, and I keep one on my nightstand at all times.

As for the daytime, I keep a stick of Chapstick brand chapstick in my purse. It works well, and it’s super cheap. I also like the cherry flavored kind, which, besides smelling nice, has a pink tint that gives your lips a slight, casual bit of color.


If you go to Vogue’s Youtube channel, you can find a ton of useful videos about makeup and skincare done by different models and celebrities. These are people who more or less look beautiful for a living, so it makes sense to learn their tips and tricks.

For example, supermodel Adut Akech mentions that one should apply eye cream with the ring finger. That is the weakest finger, and therefore the gentlest on the delicate skin around the eyes. Actress Priyanka Chopra does one where she shows you a few natural DIY skincare products.

They’re all worth checking out. I’ve learned a lot.


To wrap things up, I’d like to give you my review of a few Olay products that I recently tried. They were samples that came in this month’s Elle magazine.

First up, the daily facial. Inside the packet, there was a single towelette. You put this in water and work it into a lather, then gently scrub that lather into your face. After that, you rinse the same towelette again and use it to wash off.

I give this one a big thumbs up. When I used it, my skin felt fresh and clean, but not dried out at all. My makeup also stayed on better that day. I don’t know what it would cost to buy these, but I’m thinking about getting some if they’re reasonable.

IMG_7303Next, the brightening eye cream.

Thumbs down. Not a fan. Right after applying this under and around my eyes, it began to tingle–in a suspicious way, not a fun way. I washed it off immediately.

To be fair, not everyone’s skin would be sensitive to this. It might work really nicely on some people. It’s just not for me.


Lastly, the “whipped” moisturizer.

This one gets a thumbs up. It felt good, and it did its job: it hydrated my face. I actually liked it just a bit better than the lotion I usually use. It came down to how quickly this one absorbed into my skin, leaving no residual feeling whatsoever.

Just like the daily facials, I may look into buying this product. It’s just going to depend on how expensive it is. If my Clinique is way cheaper, I see no reason to switch.

We’ll see.

There are a ton of other skincare products and routines that I haven’t mentioned. Serums, masks, you name it. And I certainly think you should experiment and see what you like best.

Pro-tip: M o i s t u r i z e. But not just your face. The rest of you deserves the same treatment. Especially your joints–elbows, knees, shoulders, hands. Those parts move, and therefore dry out quicker. Take the time and put on the lotion.

No makeup. Just hydration.

More than anything, I simply encourage you to be kind to your skin. Find and use products that suit your complexion and skin type. Remember a few posts ago when I said a healthy body is a beautiful body? Well the same applies here. Put in the effort, and I promise you’ll notice the extra glow.

Have a beautiful week.

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