10 Celebrity Fashion Icons

What do we keep up with famous people for, if not to admire their style? (And their talent, of course–that, too). We look at their glamorous lives, and we fantasize about what it would be like to have stylists and makeup artists and designer clothes. That’s all just part of the fun.

Well, in the spirit of that fantasy, here are ten celebrities whose styles are worth the attention:

  1. Maisie Williams


You may know her as Arya Stark, from Game of Thrones, the little badass who amasses an impressive body count before she even hits adolescence.

In real life, she has a noticeably bold style that walks the line between elegance and punk. Like Arya, Maisie is a bundle of energy and spunk in a tiny body. Unlike Arya, she in no way tries to blend in with the crowd.

I can’t speak for the fate of Winterfell, or the Iron Throne, but Maisie Williams is a queen in the realm of fashion.

2. Taylor Swift

AP_17036344951904I’ve been a fan of Taylor’s music from her “Love Story” beginnings to her current Reputation tour. And her style, like her music, has evolved beautifully.

If I had to give her fashion sense a name, I would call it something like “modern-day prim.” She takes elements like argyle sweaters and sensible pearls and wears them like the chic millennial that she is.

Look at that amazing pop of color with those yellow shoes. Look at how neat and put-together she is. I consider her a credit to my generation for several reasons, but it doesn’t hurt that she walks around like a supermodel all the time.

3. Kendall Jenner

5c248561882aa5330b47ee171f08e9ef932ad00dSpeaking of supermodels, Kendall Jenner actually is one. Out of the whole Kardashian crew, she’s definitely my favorite (pretty much because she doesn’t really do anything–other than her job). And I’d say she’s more than qualified for her career choice. You can’t deny that she’s beautiful.

I don’t have a lot to say about her as a person… To be honest, I don’t feel like she has much of a personality. But when it comes to style, you can always depend on her to be wearing the best. Fashion is her profession, and she does an excellent job.

So yeah, Kendall Jenner isn’t my hero or anything, but she takes her job seriously. I’ve seen her on the runway; I’ve seen her in magazines. She’s been on the cover of Vogue, for goodness sake. When it comes to fashion, she obviously knows what’s what.

4. Kate Middleton


You probably remember her famous wedding dress, but Kate Middleton’s royal sense of style didn’t end there. Every time she is seen, she is an example of the very height of sophistication and poise.

I’m sure unimpeachable elegance and grace come with the territory of marrying a prince, but Kate seems to have been born to it. I’ve literally never seen her with a hair out of place, and she manages that without ever coming off as stuffy–she’s fresh and vibrant every single time.

And it comes as no surprise that every outfit, every designer that she wears sells out almost immediately all over the world. If anyone is a fashion influencer, it’s Kate Middleton.

5. Victoria Beckham


I am just a touch too young to remember her from her Spice Girl days. I know Victoria Beckham much better as the fashion designer and socialite that she is today. In the above picture, she is attending Kate Middleton’s wedding with her (stunning) husband. Imagine going to a royal wedding and wearing a dress that you designed yourself.

I’m not sure the word amazing covers it.

Victoria seems all about the classical elegance, and I find her style to be both refreshing and reliable. If she attends an event, you can always count on her to show up in something simple, yet breathtaking.


This is a woman who literally made fashion her business. She’s a high-end designer. She puts shows out on the runway every year. I wholeheartedly trust her judgment when it comes to style.

6. Lupita Nyong’o 


Gaining superstardom right out of the gate for her incredible talent, Lupita has been in several great films. I, however, know her best from her role as Nakia in Black Panther.

All I can really say about Lupita Nyong’o is that when she shows up, she shows up as a queen. Her gowns are always an exquisite celebration of her beauty. You could tell me she was part of a royal family from some country I’ve never heard of, and I would believe you. Now that…that is #goals.

She was also featured in Vogue, and hers was one of my favorite spreads ever. That photo of her staring down the serpent… remarkable. Unforgettable. She just has this striking presence no matter what she’s doing. What a goddess.

7. Amal Clooney


Though she’s mostly famous to us because of her marriage to George Clooney, it quickly became apparent that the actor had managed to marry someone who completely outshined him. Lebanese-born Amal is a renowned lawyer who practices on an international scale. It is only a lovely bonus that she happens to be beautiful. Above, she is attending the most recent royal wedding (2018) with her husband.

amal-leadAmal Clooney dresses as what she is–a massively successful career woman. She’s a powerhouse, and I’m entirely certain that she knows it. And even better, not an ounce of her femininity is lost.

Honestly, if you’re going to just conquer life hardcore, I can hardly think of a better role model than this woman.

8. Jeanne Damas


Jeanne Damas is a French fashion icon, known especially for her classically Parisienne style.

Famously good food aside, the French, particularly those who reside in Paris, are well-known for their taste in clothes. If you’re looking for a source of inspiration to add flair to your own look, I definitely recommend Jeanne.

She has a sense of style which, as I understand it, is fundamentally French. That is, she pulls off that impressive “effortless-chic” that we all secretly wish we could master. If there’s anyone who could say “I woke up like this” and get away with it, it’s Jeanne Damas. She’s done some YouTube videos with Vogue if you’re interested in seeing more of her.

9. Lady Gaga


A big part of Lady Gaga’s early fame was due to her willingness to take fashion to its most intense extremes. This is a woman who literally attended an event wearing a meat dress. She tended to look more like an art installation than a person. But it got people’s attention, and that was the point. Because she could back all of it up with her remarkable voice.

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan.

I was almost going to say that Lady has toned it down in recent years, but “toned down” still wouldn’t be even close to accurate. Her style remains the undefeated champion of catching eyes. But compared to her old stuff? Yeah, she’s way more demure nowadays.

Sometimes, she even walks around like a plain ol’ rock star, wearing what I imagine she’d probably be wearing if she wasn’t world famous. A sort of casual grunge look.

There’s no way to guess what she’ll show up in next–she’s the queen of variety–but whatever fashion Lady Gaga chooses, I think it would be absolutely impossible for her not to attract notice. She’s a stunner.

10. Gemma Chan


I know her best as Astrid, from Crazy Rich Asians. What an ideal her character portrays: wealthy and beautiful, but still kind, and very intelligent.

Gemma’s style, I think, is not unlike Astrid’s. A picture of elegance, and often with noticeably Asian flair.

I hope to see more of Gemma Chan, in the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, and hopefully in other things as well. As of right now, I don’t know much about her, and I haven’t had as thorough a chance to admire her as I have with some of the other names on this list. But she’s made a gorgeous first impression.

My ambition for this post was to offer inspiration. Maybe I’ve reinforced your love for certain celebrities that you already considered icons. Maybe I’ve introduced you to new looks and new faces. Either way, I hope that find your fashion muse.

Pictured: Not a celebrity

And one day, beyond my realistic hopes and dreams, maybe that muse could be me.

Have a beautiful week.

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