What to Wear: Valentine’s Day

As commercial as this holiday is, Valentine’s Day still possesses a certain charm. At its heart, it’s a day that gives people an excuse to express their love, and that’s delightful.

And on that note, it’s the perfect day to bump your style up to the next level.


Go a little bolder, a little sexier, than maybe you normally would. If anyone asks why you’re all dolled up, you can just shrug and say, “It’s Valentine’s Day.”

(P.S. You don’t even have to have a date to justify your vibrancy).

And speaking of vibrant, here’s the color choice I recommend: RED.

Street Style : Day Four - Paris Fashion Week- Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017

Never mind that it’s the color of passion; red is a power color. Own your power. Throw caution to the wind on Valentine’s Day. Are you in love? Do you feel sexy? Express those feelings. That’s what this “holiday” is for. And you don’t have to shout anything from the rooftops. A bright, eye-catching red will do that for you.


Better yet, incorporate some sort of lace element.

Pro-tip: Black and red make an incredibly sensual color combination.

Now at this point, I’m sure of few of you are thinking… “Red on Valentine’s Day? Not exactly original.” Well, fair point. But let me ask you this: how often do you wear red? Because as far as I’ve seen, the average person just doesn’t wear that color much. Certainly not every day. So I can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t indulge in red on a day specifically designated for communicating our passions.


I don’t have any pictures of myself on Valentine’s Days of the past, but the above picture contains the elements I’m going to try to go for this year.


But maybe you want to express yourself with just a tad more maturity. I can’t blame you. I usually lean away from trends that I liked in my teenage years, and perhaps your days of bright red lace are behind you. That doesn’t make you any less sexy. And you know what color is absolutely delicious? Wine.


This rich, purple-y red is what I recommend for those who want to keep their Valentine’s Day outfit a bit more prim.


Okay, now, I’m about to get opinionated for this part, so bear with me.

If you happen to be single on Valentine’s Day, please do not act all sorry for yourself. The whole S.A.D (Single Awareness Day) movement is absolute trash. You’re not any less of a person if you aren’t romantically involved, and if seeing other people in love conjures feelings of bitterness or resentment in you, you could do with some growing up.

You don’t have to have a soulmate to celebrate love. You could use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to cherish your friends or family. Or how about yourself? Before I met my beloved, I bought chocolates for myself and watched romantic old movies. Why should you care if other people are going out on dates on that particular night? That’s not really any of your business anyway.

All I’m saying is that it’s one thing to feel a little lonely, and another thing to act all jealous and unhappy about it. Don’t be that person. It’s gross.

Alright, rant over.


In regards to being single, here’s the color I recommend: pink.

Obviously, you don’t need a significant other to wear red, sexy stuff on Valentine’s Day. I’ve definitely gone all out in the past, and if you feel like it, you totally should. The excuse to be extra bold on February 14th still stands, whether you have a date or not.

But if you feel like keeping it more subdued–while still getting into the spirit of things–pink is the answer. It’s the color of friendship, the color of self-love. And it’s not without its own little kiss of romance.


Holidays, even grossly over-commercialized ones like Valentine’s Day, are meant to be enjoyed. So, ultimately, my answer to the question “what should you wear?” is the same as always. You should wear whatever you want. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself. That’s what fashion is for.

But if you’re looking for an excuse to try something bolder than usual, to perhaps express that you are, in fact, a red-blooded individual, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

Have a beautiful week.

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