A Spark of Inspiration

Ancient Egypt


I couldn’t exactly say why, but Ancient Egypt has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I’ve alway been interested in it, of course. How could I not be? The vibrancy of that old civilization was unmatched. But I’ve finally decided that it must be on my mind right now for a reason.

And I believe that reason is to serve as my spark of inspiration.

I think we’re all a little bit in love with the Egyptian aesthetic. Light, airy fabrics. Bold accessories and bejeweled collars. Elaborate eyeliner. With those things in mind, you can’t help but picture yourself on a throne. And hey, being a queen is what I’m all about.

When I saw Chanel’s 2018 Pre-Fall runway show the other day, it felt like a confirmation. The setting of the show, as well as all the clothes, had a distinct Egyptian theme, and if Chanel is doing it, well then, I must be on the right track.


A small aside: If you watch many fashion shows, one thing you definitely realize is that a big portion of the clothes on display are basically unwearable. They tend to be…weird. Too weird for 99% of the people watching to ever put on. But this is because the brands are not just showing us clothes; they are making art. You don’t watch these to shop; you watch to be visually engaged. And from there, you notice elements that you’d like to incorporate into your own ensembles.

These are a couple of good examples. Lots of beautiful elements. I recommend using just one at a time–e.g. a bold necklace with an otherwise normal outfit. Subtlety is your friend. Otherwise, you might end up looking like you’re going to a costume party.

I can definitely see myself wearing the dazzling camisole (above, left) with a nice dark pair of skinny jeans. Or the gold necklace with a simple, spaghetti-strap dress. This is what I’m talking about. Look for pieces that make you feel like royalty.


Speaking of royalty, some of the world’s greatest female leaders came out of Egypt. The above painting portrays Hatshepsut, who was not only a queen, but eventually pharaoh, presiding over a massively successful period in Egypt’s history.

I want very much to channel the power and intelligence of women like her. I can’t imagine I’ll ever rule over a kingdom, but I am, as I’ve said, the queen of my life, and if nothing else, my desire is to bring a sense of excellence into my own home. Obviously, I can accomplish that wearing sweatpants, but I like the idea of having a bit more flair. After all, controlling your image, putting your best foot forward, can make you feel much more confident in your abilities.

And what you feel, you manifest.


But no matter your desires, you pretty much have to agree that the Egyptian aesthetic is perfect for a stylish summer look. Ancient Egypt was, in a word, hot, and they dressed to suit their environment. The dark kohl eyeliner helped protect their eyes from the glaring sun. The fabrics were mostly very breathable–often quite see-through. And toplessness was acceptable regardless of gender.

I can’t really say with any confidence that our own society is ready to embrace such minimal outfits, but I wouldn’t mind heading in that direction (given how miserably hot it gets in the summer where I live). Maybe over the course of a few more generations, we’ll finally stop operating based on shame and allow the boobs to breathe freely. But until then, I still like the notion of wearing thin, airy materials. Light clothing, big jewelry, plenty of skin showing…the absolute ideal for a glamorous summer in the south.

I hope I’ve given you some interesting ideas.


May you find your spark of inspiration.

Have a beautiful week.

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