5 Accessories Everyone Should Have

If you read my very first post a few weeks ago, 5 Wardrobe Essentials, consider this post a follow up. Whether you’re a minimalist or an accessory maniac, there are a few basic items that can serve as a foundation for all well-accessorized style.

  • Simple stud earrings


I can’t say I liked getting my ears pierced (I’m a wimp), but I love wearing earrings. Especially really dangly, outstanding ones. But those just don’t go with everything.

Unlike the classic stud earrings, which go with anything.

Not in the mood for blouses and makeup? A pair of plain silver or black studs look great with t-shirts, casual sweaters, and athleisure wear. Sometimes, I can’t be bothered with all the fuss and frills, but I still like to look polished. These simple earrings are the answer.

  • A clutch purse


Honestly, as long as it was big enough to hold all my stuff, I could probably carry one good purse until it just fell apart. However, no matter how nice it is, a big purse simply doesn’t work with a glamorous cocktail dress. And if my mother–purse aficionado that she is–hadn’t had a clutch for me to borrow on my first big evening out, I wouldn’t have felt nearly as put together as I did.

I’m not the girl who goes out all the time, and I still needed one, so I figure everyone ought to have one. For emergencies, at least.

Bonus points if your clutch is super sparkly and ornate. You can really go all out with such a compact little accessory.

  • Short, medium, and long necklaces–at least one of each


A big trend right now–which I love–is layering different lengths of necklaces. But even if you’re only interested in wearing one at a time, I still highly recommend that you have more than one length to choose from. Certain lengths, as well as styles, go better with different collars and varieties of blouses. The short ones that only just reach the collar-bone go great with sweaters and casual tops–pairing well with the simple stud earrings mentioned above. Medium necklaces are the best choice for V-necks. And I especially like the really long ones that hang all the way down to the tummy. Those look lovely with rounded collars and turtlenecks.

Chokers are back in style as well, by the way, if you’re a fan of those. (I am).

So many options. So many ways to decorate yourself. Love!

  • A cozy scarf


This one does depend on your climate. I myself live in the southern United States, so scarves are typically more for fashion than utility. And, being honest, I usually forget to wear the ones I have. However, we do get some truly cold days in the middle of winter, and those are what have made me realize that at least one cozy scarf is definitely a necessity.

That being said, scarves can add a beautiful extra layer to your fall/winter ensembles. And what is fashion if not making art out of the necessary?

  • Aviator shades
Here I am in not only the shades, but also a couple different necklace lengths.

This is the style of sunglasses that’s hot right now, and quite possibly my favorite of all time. To me, they just radiate an aura of cool. They’re a lot like the sunglasses you’d expect a spy or an action hero to wear. Picture an epic explosion happening behind me in the above photo. And there I am in my shades, too cool to turn around and look at it.

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses, if for nothing else than having to drive at that awkward time of day when the sun is directly in your eyes. You might as well look awesome while you’re doing it.

Thanks again for reading!

Sorry if this post comes off as short or rushed. The holidays kept me very busy right at the tail end there, and if I’m being honest, I barely got this one done in time. I will endeavor to be a bit more organized next week. In the meantime, I hope you’ve had an excellent start to your new year!

2019, here we come!

Have a beautiful week.



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