5 Wardrobe Essentials

This being a fashion blog, I feel I should start things off with the basics. Every individual has a different sense of style and comfort, but I also believe that we all share a great deal in common. With that in mind, here are five items that no closet should be without.

  • Plain, long-sleeved, black/white shirts


I would almost say that you should have simple black/white short-sleeved shirts as well, but I think the long sleeves are the most crucial, because of how much they benefit layering in the fall. An ordinary shirt can serve as a sort of backdrop for so many styling choices. Wear these neutral tops when you want to draw attention to a jacket or cardigan, or even just a bold necklace. If there is some kind of design or pattern on every shirt you own, you could end up with a look that’s too busy. There is always a certain wisdom to simplicity.

  • Comfortable skinny jeans


Like it or not, skinny jeans have dominated the modern fashion world. They are just about all I see now, on both men and women, and I myself wear them almost every single day. But while it’s true that they cling to the legs a bit more tightly, it is still of the utmost importance that they are comfortable. Jeans are so versatile. You can put almost any kind of outfit together around good jeans. I highly recommend that you invest in a pair of the skinny variety if you haven’t already, but do yourself the favor of shopping around and finding the right fit. DO NOT make the mistake of squeezing yourself into anything that feels too small or restrictive. (Pro-tip: Consider jeggings as well. A good pair will be stretchy and comfortable, while still passing for real denim).

  • A boring, utilitarian shirt
It’s Tommy Hilfiger, but that doesn’t make it any prettier.

I don’t get sick very often, but sometimes a trip to the doctor’s office is unavoidable. On the days when you have to drag your feverish, miserable body out of bed in order to seek treatment, the best thing to pull on is the boring shirt. The fun of asking yourself “What should I wear today?” just isn’t there when you have the flu. You’re not going to want to think about it. So the next time you clean out your closet, keep that dull old sweater right where it is. You’ll be glad to have it when illness strikes.

  • The Little Black Dress
Granted, a sheath dress with one shoulder isn’t the average LBD. But that just proves the extent of their variety.

My life is fairly low-key. I don’t go to many parties or events, and I don’t entertain. But no matter how limited your social life may be, some kind of special occasion will come up. A date. A girls’ night out. Your cousin’s wedding. You never know. But you should be prepared. The classic LBD can be worn to almost anything and goes with almost everything. Even if you literally do not own a single other dress, invest in this one. It’ll be a lifesaver.

  • A black, leather/faux-leather jacket



In the end, black goes with everything, and much like the LBD, a leather jacket is the quintessential jacket. Whether you’re dressing up or down, you’ll never be remiss pulling on that classic black as you step out into the cold. Real or faux, that’s entirely up to you. I have both, and I think both look fantastic. (The real one was a hand-me-down from my mom. The average millennial, like myself, can’t necessarily afford to invest so much in one piece, and actual leather can be pricey). Again, faux looks just as chic.

So there you are. Five items upon which to lay your fashion foundation. I hope this first post, short as it was, provided a bit of insight. Whether you thought my choices were great or way off the mark, feel free to comment and tell your friends, and please join me again next week. I will be posting every Monday, and as this blog develops, my content will become more varied and in-depth.

Small Author’s Note: If you’re thinking to yourself, “This blog is a little…unattractive,” I’m actually right there with you. The typical online experience these days involves professional photography, and I’m sorry to say that I’m not a photographer, nor am I in any position to hire one. However, I promise most of my future pictures will not be so bland. This post is sort of my “pilot episode,” if you will.

Bonus Picture: I’m wearing both the plain white shirt and the LBD. 2 essentials, 1 queen.

Have a beautiful week.


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